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10 Mistakes That SEO Experts Mostly Do

10 Mistakes That SEO Experts Mostly Do

November 10, 2017

A website is considered as the basic need of businesses today’s world. If you have a business you need to have your own website, conventional ways are no more suitable to run a good business. When it comes to handling a website the most important thing is traffic. If you ask a website owner what do you want the most for your website, he will say more traffic. More traffic means more readers and more readers mean more customers, so there is no doubt web traffic is important. The real question is how to boost the traffic? Social media marketing, advertising, and sharing are important but what’s even more important is ranking. You obviously need an SEO expert for that or you need to follow some best SEO Forums. SEO is the most effective way to boost your web traffic, no one wants to waste time searching on other pages.  If you are working on a website and after putting so much effort you still have not observed any effect or you are an SEO expert who is trying work on a website, here are some common mistakes that you must avoid. 

Anchor tag

There is no doubt anchor tag is important for your content but sometimes SEO experts use same anchor tags for every content. As a result, this hurts the website and looks quite funny. You have to mix it up a little, try adding URL, website name, company name and other things too.

Selecting keywords

Keywords play an important role in SEO but just using keyword is not important, it more important to choose and use the right keyword. Most of the people describe their service in a specific way and when it comes to tackling masses it is very important to keep your individual point of view aside. You have to consider everyone, where most of the SEO expert manage to choose the right keyword they neglect the long-end keywords. In order to select the most effective keywords, it is better to take the help of software. You have to use Google AdWords keyword planner, Moz keyword Planner, google trends and SEMrush. They will help you to get the best and most effective keywords for your content.

Using keyword

Once you have selected the keyword the second stage is to use the keyword. There is no doubt content is like the blood of the website, if you don’t have good engaging content you will notice that people visit your website once but never again. So, when you write your content to use extra keywords, people use a keyword on every line. For a reader, this is not only inconvenient and irritating but also useless. Your reader is your asset, keep them in mind while designing your content. Using irrelevant keywords and stuffing the keywords to your content will register your content as a spam by a search engine. This will eventually affect your ranking on the search engine. Sometimes it also happens that you didn't perform plagiarism test for the content you write and post on your site.

Not checking analytics

Being an SEO expert everyone goes through a phase where they track the traffic based on the phrase. This may sound like a rational move but people get obsessed. They keep checking the phrases and focus on things that bring traffic for them. The easiest way to track this is via kiss metric. It compares the results of data in order to analyze what bringing the maximum traffic. This will help you to optimize your website in a better way, you will end up with the result that will help you to understand what is worth working on and what is worth letting go.   


When an individual work on the website and he has to optimize and see the search, he mostly focuses on the overall keywords and search. It is very important to know your targeted audience and then come up with something that can help you to sort things out. If you are working on a website that has a focus on the audience in a specific region it is better to know about the region first. The language, words, and vocabulary that they have are different from others.

Irrelevant content

One of the ways how you get readers is when they trust you. Authentic information will help you to build that trust, sometimes people use a good keyword but the content posted does not compliment the title. Google ranks the quality of content according to the needs of the reader. The focus in on serving the reader, sometimes the writer try to accommodate different topics in the same article. As a result, it creates a lot of mess and you end up with something far more complicated.

Duplicate content

There is no other way to stress enough on the original content. It is very important and ethical to use the only original content. Using duplicate content not only destroy the ranking of your website but on reporting, you would also have to remove the content completely.  Here is duplicate content checker tool provided by prepostseo.


There was a time SEO experts use to think that best SEO trick is to but the backlinks. Web owners started buying links and soon the websites were filled with spam contents full of links. Google recognized this and now if you have low-quality content on your website, Google will instantly recognize this. So, if you are still buying links you are just wasting money and time on something that is a total waste.

Write blog

Blogging is much underrated when it comes to SEO. It is very effective way to help the readers and increase the web traffic. If being an SEO expert you are not focusing on the importance of blog you are not only hurting your website but also preventing your website from growing further.

Webmaster tools

If you want to know more about how SEO works or why your website is not improving in ranking you have to get help from web marketing tools. You can use google and Bing webmaster tools to know more about your website. These webmaster tools help you to gain more information via error reports, so you can know what’s wrong with your website. This tool is also renowned as backlink indexer.