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10 SEO Practices That Can Harmful in 2020

Feb 03, 2018

Search engine optimization is a great way to get a high rank, it helps to get traffic from search engines. While doing SEO of a website, be careful and avoid from bad SEO techniques. SEO is not a trick, it is a long-term process that takes time.  It is very necessary while doing SEO, what to do and what not.

What is Bad SEO?

Bad SEO is not a new term or uncommon. Bad SEO is the unethical way to get high ranking in search engine. It is outdated or outside the boundaries of search engines.  Bad SEO is not only waste of time but hurts website ranking. These are some techniques that you should avoid if planning to rank in search engines.

1- Copied Content


Avoid from posting bad content on the website. Copying content from other places on the web is always an SEO Big mistake. Always write unique content because search engines always want to index original content. Nonoriginal can make you in trouble including domain.

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2- Spun Content


Spun and scraped content is not more worked nowadays. Write always for humans, not for search engines. Quality and uniqueness are key to get high rank in search engine result pages. Keep in mind no content is better than bad content.

3- Low quality content

While measuring the quality of content it refers to a lot of grammar mistakes and sentences that make no sense.  Do not write for search engines, do it for only humans. They are on your website to getting knowledge. Deal visitors in a proper way and provide them valid information that helps to solve their issues. low

4- Keyword Stuffing


Keyword stuffing is a form of putting a specific keyword, again and again, to get rank for this keyword. This technique becomes nowadays irrelevant. Use LSI keywords and avoid from keyword stuffing. LSI is short for Latent Semantic Indexing. Use similar words or synonymous words instead of using a keyword again and again. While putting keyword more than an excessive number can become a headache for you, you are taking a high risk to get de-index from search engines, they considered it spam. Try to keep content natural and use there where it is suitable.

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5- Accepting low-quality guest posts


Just allow a guest post that is original, relevant and helpful for the audience.  Publishing new content on the website is good in perspective of SEO but it should be quality content as well as relevant. Before accepting guest post must check author has to track record for writing content. Watch outgoing links carefully and content in depth.

6- Lot of Out-Going Links

It is not only bad or low quality links that are harmful to the website but also outgoing links. Websites that have a lot of outgoing links with the do-follow tag is considered as paid directories. Use no follow the link where you are not sure or not trusted. Search engines do not like sites that have many outgoing links and looks like just as a link list.

7- Cloaking


Cloaking means show different content to spiders and show original content to humans. To use such techniques is very bad for SEO, and search engines do not like it. When they will find it, they will give a penalty and website can get banned and de-indexed. Keep one version of the page for both crawlers and people.For Good ranking you website must be live 24/7, so check server status regularly.

8- Buying Links

Never buy tons of links for a website. Not every backlink is going to help improve ranking. Relevant links do help to search engines to know that a website is legitimate. To get good results you have to keep patience. If instead of doing that you take shortcuts, you may see temporary success at the beginning but very soon it will become a huge failure. Relaying on backlinks instead of content is very bad practice. If you want to purchase backlinks always buy contextual backlink and from high authority websites.

9- Spam Comments

Spam comments to get a number of backlinks can down website ranking instead of earning high ranking. The more backlinks that a website have is better for ranking right? A Big no, Quality always wins, low quality backlinks that you get from spam comments always ruined website ranking.  There is a better solution, run targeted outreach campaign for marketing purpose, rather than buying cheap links.

10- Not Fixing issue

If a website has many issues either technical or non-technical issues website ranking will be down. Make sure website speed is good and minimum broken links are there. Make it mobile friendly and responsive. Choose good hosting provider for the website. Improper redirects can make negative impacted on ranking. So redirect pages in a proper way.


Search Engines are ever-changing, so keep up to date yourself and follow ethical techniques while doing SEO for a website. Do not go for any shortcut, everything takes time, it will be long term beneficially for your website. Keep in mind mistakes that you make something it can be nearly impossible to recover it. Do proper search while start work and do it in right way.