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10 Tips On How To Become A Better English Writer

Jul 13, 2018

English is a Global language and is considered to be the bonding language between people of different ethnicities and regions. It connects the whole world. Being one of the most famous languages, it is the most read, written and spoken language all over the world.

When it comes to writing in English, it isn’t an easy task and no less than an art. Creative writing has always had its mark on the readers and today we are going to discuss how anyone can master this art. Below are some of the tips on how you can write better and engaging content in English, let it be web content or any book.

Read a lot

For any aspiring writer, you need to understand that you cannot be good at writing until you read other people work. For those who want to excel in the field of English writing, need to read and read a lot. Your writing skills cannot be polished until you consume a heavy amount of English while reading.

When it comes to reading, you can read anything, doesn’t matter it is a book, a showbiz magazine, current affairs page of a newspaper, a blog of your interest, an online article about your favorite celebrity or health related post. Make sure you read anything but don’t quit this tip as it serves the basis of your writing.

Practice writing

Practice makes perfect and same is the case when it comes to writing in English. Either you are writing a book, web content or an essay, you cannot perfect it unless you practice it a lot. Yes, you will have failures and initially, your pieces of writing will suck but don’t give up and continue writing. When writing web content, make sure you don’t duplicate anybody else’s content and write your own using your own creativity.

If there is a fear of duplication, you can always use a quality plagiarism detector to make sure that your writing is genuine. Make a habit of writing and try to improve every day. Compare your previous writing pieces with the new ones and check what new things you have inserted.

Enjoy writing

You can never be successful if you don’t enjoy your writing. Write about anything, anything that comes into your mind and also you need to change genres periodically. You can’t be writing on the same thing all the time. Like all writers, you may not be able to write lengthy pieces of writing and also your writing won’t be up to the mark.

Don’t worry and keep going, don’t break the habit and write even a few lines every day. Unless you don’t enjoy writing, you can never be good at it. Make sure you give the title to every piece of writing that you produce and save them with you for assessment and comparing purposes with your later pieces.

Don’t lose patience

Have patience as success come to those who wait and strive for it. Improvement will come slowly but surely. You need to be patient and determined. No one becomes a master of it overnight. Just keep doing it over and over again.

Come with ideas for writing different things, describing different celebrities and events etc. In the initial phases, all you need to do is to just convert your thoughts into words and onto the paper without worrying about the quality.

Web content

If you are writing web content, make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations. The mains necessities of any writing are it needs to be informative, engaging, luring the readers to want more, should be easy to read and understandable and is directed towards the targeted audience.

When it comes to web content, you need to use few keywords as well, around which the whole content revolves. Don’t stuff keywords and make sure you avoid keyword density as search engines can penalize you if you use them carelessly.

Go however you want

When you are a beginner and learning the art of writing English, you don’t need to worry about how to go about it and which style of writing to follow. You can go however you want. All you need to do is to express yourself and your thoughts.

As the time progresses and your writing is improved then you may start following a certain pattern or template or you can also follow your favorite writer or web content curator. You can search for the templates and writing patterns on the internet as this article is written following the list template. All the important things are enlisted and explained under the headings.

Ask for help from friends and family

Friends and family are always there for us and we need their favors in practicing English as well. Your close friends will help you to know what are your weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes it is difficult for us to judge our own selves and we need an outer eye perspective.

We all have a person in our friends and family who is good at English and can help us. Request them to check your piece of writing and instruct some changes if needed. This feedback will help you in the future.

Keep in touch with bloggers and writers

Get in touch with the blogger and writers who are also in your domain. They will not only help you in text comparison but will also give you extremely useful advices of what you need to excel and how you can impress your readers.

Use social media or email for communication and keep on asking for different tips and tricks on how you can do better at what you are trying to do. I know various bloggers who are extremely kind and are always ready to help aspiring and budding writers.

Educate yourself

All the points discussed above are going to help you in one way or the other but you also need to do something else as well. You need to subscribe to the blogs of successful writers, whom the world follows. Read their blogs even if they are not related to your field.

For instance, if you are related to literature, there is no harm in reading an engineering blog if it is boosting your knowledge, vocabulary, writing style etc. you need to grasp all the ideas and points on how you can impress and engage the audience. See how the experienced writers go out of the box and insert creativity to make their writing more interesting and worth reading.

Watch movies, sports and news

This is one tip that most of the people may not tell you. But, this is one of the most important tips that you need to follow. Watching movies, listening to English news and current affair programs and listening to sports commentary are all going to enhance your writing skills.

Not only you are learning but also you are enjoying your favorite movie or sport as well. That means education and entertainment are simultaneously benefitting you.  This tip allows you not only to have quality time with your friends and family but also you are educating yourself.

Closing words

Let me assure you that writing in English isn’t that difficult and you don’t always have to follow others as well. While writing web content make sure that you use plagiarism detector because search engines are harsh when it comes to copying someone else’s content.

Success doesn’t come overnight and to achieve something substantial you need to be patient, practice, learn and keep on persisting. Commitment is what you need to have. Yes, there will be challenges in your way and it may not be that easy if you aren’t a native speaker. But, slowly and gradually you will make a mark and reach a point where you want to be if you follow the tips explained above.