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10 ways how to double your website traffic

Aug 02, 2017

The world is full of competition and the best start you can take is to make sure the originality of your content.


Times are high up for the social media world and millions of people are online at a single time. So to turn up your traffic, You can simply share or publish your content on social media more than once but don’t spam. You have to maintain the quality that whatever you are publishing is rather interesting for the audience.Before posting on social media, must find out the quality of written content by conducting plagiarism test

There are multiple platforms for social media and each has its own set of audience and users. The key tip is to manage your content differently for every single platform according to its nature. Let’s not forget to take a part in social media discussions and forums because the more the audience is aware the more views you get, will thus lead to good traffic.

First of all, you gotta keep it plain and simple for the social media users because people over the web are of 100s of different mentalities.

Try to start your content with an engaging question to interest the user or to gain attention.

And most of all keep a check on the result of how everything is affecting your traffic and evaluate the results by trying different methods.

02. SEO and Backlinks

This is the next important step. When you are sure of the quality of the content and you are aware that this is something for the audience. Then start optimizing it for the search engine and improve it on a daily basis while keeping originality. You will easily get high traffic and your content will surely come on the first page or maybe the first line, If your SEO is on a healthy rank. People usually check first 4,5 results and mostly not even go to the 2nd page of a search engine. So better the SEO the more the traffic. Healthier backlinks redirecting to the original site can be a useful thing in maintaining high traffic. This also improves SEO. To check On-page seo mistakes you can use our seo score checker tool.

03. Social Forums

If we go over the web and we need to have a discussion over a specified issue or problem, Just by clicking that problem, We will find 100s of forums discussed on it.

Throwing your site or websites on such forums and discussions (If it's related) to help or catch the audience is going to bring up a good traffic. Multiple people discuss forums to solve problems and if your website is helping them out then that’s a good boost.

04. Youtubing

Never forget this big platform with billions of users using youtube for trillions of purposes. Everyone appreciates a good tutorial that helps them out or a useful concept or even entertainment via Youtube. Make a good video of the contents of your website in a way that it should be helping the audience and not like advertisements (Because they are annoying). Share it as well over social media, Forums, Doc sites or provide links to people and asking them to visit your site in case of questions and stuff. Try to be helpful so it’ll attract audience automatically.

05. Q/A sites

Take a full part in such sites like Yahoo answers , ask.fm or Stackoverflow to discuss and to keep yourself updated with current events and issues arising.

Share your website links or videos with healthy backlinks to such sites in related to the topic being asked or discussed. A person who is looking for an answer over the web is not going to spend much time on each and every site he visits. If your content is plain and simple and solving the issue then he/she will surely visit your site more than once and will also tell others about it.

06. Healthy Articles

One of the key element is to write healthy updated articles and update them on daily basis according to the nature of your work. If your articles are up to date and are simple, plain and to the point. Then people will surely love to read your articles more than once and even share it with others.

07. Navigation

Let's understand navigation. A site with better mapping, Buttons, and defined routes will help a viewer extremely. This is very important to keep in mind that if your site has each and every button and way point defined, then it will be user-friendly for the visitors and they will tend to spend more time on your site.

For example:

If you need to download a certain software and you visit a certain website. The website has complete details of your issue, but you are unable to find the download button or the website is not leading you properly.

What will happen?

You will leave to the next website. So provide proper navigation to the user over your site.

08. Share Facilities

Putting a share button with maps to the leading social media platform is gonna help you big. That is if you are providing quality and helpful material. If a user is reading something over your web page and he/she likes it, They will definitely want to share it with others. And unfortunately, you don’t have such buttons implemented over your web page.

What will happen? You might not know what you are losing but you just lost a good margin of traffic by it. So keep a mind open to such opportunities.

09. Document sharing sites

Such websites like Google docs or SlideShare provides a huge margin. You will see a good amount of traffic coming to your web page if you share your articles on these sites and provide help materials with links provided leading back to your site. Billions of people are registered on these web sites searching for answers and sharing research and if you are a part there. You will not miss it. It is important taht your's docoument content is writtern in english paraphrasing style.

But the requirement is quality work. 

10. Guest posting and Email market

Well let’s talk about this, Guest posting is sharing your site articles over another web page or blog with permission. You can provide back links inside the articles while posting on famous blogs. You will get a huge traffic margin with this. Another one is email marketing which includes sending emails regarding your site and its use or need via emails of famous web page companies, check this list of 1469+ Guest Posting sites.

You can usually find emails inside Contact us option in a web page.