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10 ways to engage website users

Aug 09, 2017

Numerous things should be kept in mind while organizing your website in a way that it attracts users and they tend to spend time on your site.

01. Engaging content

To increase traffic and the process of getting new viewers on your web page can only happen if your content is interesting or helping. Viewers love the quality and the content that is to the point and helping them. This will help you reduce your bounce rate and can increase SEO ranking as well. When you are putting unique content on the web page and is unique or never has seen before, your viewers will not only spend time on it but will also share it with other. This will help you not only by keeping the current viewers but can get you some new ones as well.

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02. Regular update

It's true that unique and original content matters, but will bring you no good if it's 10 years old data. As we know the field of IT or business or almost everything is developing so fast on daily basis. Theories change about them, rules and regulations are updating, new methodologies are coming, the new better hardware is being introduced every day etc. So while putting unique content over a web page, one should keep in mind that it is up to date to the modern day environment. Updating is not only applicable to the content but as well as on your site design, navigation, source or putting more blogs for the reader’s aid etc.

In short, words keep it stupid simple (K.I.S.S).

The up to the date of the content varies in a situation for example if you are writing a post which says ‘How to do SEO?’ doesn’t require much updating. But if your web page is about news or current events, then updating requires a daily work.

03. Be more visual

Visual aid is an extraordinary help in any blog, article, post or news. A post with a picture engages much more audience than the one without it. A picture says a thousand words. Viewers find articles with pictures much more engaging and consider them much more helpful. Let’s take an example of the common reader, a common reader or ourselves usually prefer a book with pictures in it. That helps us to understand a story much more by giving us a small picture of what it might have looked like. Videos can help as well because sometimes the words are not enough and viewers need an actual example of someone doing it. Visual aid also attracts attention from other things a user is doing while reading your content.


04. Social Platforms and apps

Social media is something that is deeply engaged in our everyday things. Posting pictures, talking about events, tutorials, chats, contacting, staying up to date with trends. Whats happening or whats in or whats out etc. There are over billion users on facebook, twitter, snapchat and Instagram. So if you make accounts regarding your website and share it on such platforms will bring you a wide range of viewers. People all around the world will come to discuss it if it's engaging and quality. It will be shared by thousands of people and thus can increase the engagement of your users. Also, we need to see that smart phones have replaced computers on a wide range. Sites with good social media score are always gets more positive reviews form it's users. Everyone is using either Android or Ios so what we can do is make applications regarding our web site content and links to your web page.

05. Suggestions and feedback

A viewer not only come to help themselves but they are also bringing a lot of ideas. Put a suggestion box or a feedback at the end of every article or post. They will not only give you the feedback of how good your content is but will also bring you improving ideas. Reply or engage there with your viewers. This will increase a good will as well as a lot of ideas will be shared.

06. Loading time and optimized

This is highly important for the viewers. When a user is online looking for some help or content, they usually would love sites which are fast and properly navigated. For example, If I am on the web looking for ‘How to make chocolate cake’ and I see a number of results on the web.

What will I do?

I would hardly go to first four to five lines of the results on the web page, and I will still walk away even if in first few lines clicking the web page is taking too long to open.

The first thing to make sure is the loading time should be minimum and then your site must be search engine optimized.


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07. Fewer adverts more content

Keep in mind that your focus is on helping the viewers and not advertising your products over and over. A viewer finds advertising very irritating because they have not visited your page to see adverts unless it’s a selling purchasing site. It's good to show them the products which are helpful to them regarding the topic, but over the use of adverts will put your viewers on a thought that this site’s only intention is to advertise. It can be dangerous and you can lose a high amount of views.


08. Surveys

Surveys can be a great help and improve the user experience by understanding what your customers want and what is keeping them from switching. Ask questions like ‘What was the purpose of your visit?’, ‘What are you looking for?’ or ‘Was our article helpful?’. Such surveys increase interaction and you can learn a lot about your viewers need. It also decreases bounce rate because it takes some time to fill up the survey.

09. Related posts

Extra content is never a bad idea if it's helpful. Put related post to interest your customer even more. Put more suggestions at the end of articles related to your topic. It will not only provide your customers great help but will bring your site more views. Viewers love the option of related posts if the previous content was interesting for them. This will highly decrease your bounce rate and click rates will increase too. More views mean more chance of your content being shared. More sharing means more new viewers.

10. Community Forums

Increase your online social activity by visiting forums and discussion sights. See whats trending or what kind of things are being discussed or asked. Engage In those questions and attract people by helping them out with your content. Provide them links to your site and tell them how it helps them. Ask them what they need? Or see the common problems or questions on these forums. This can bring you huge traffic and also keep your potential views engaged.