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13 Tips to Make Your Content More SEO Friendly

February 20, 2019

Technology made everything easier, especially when the internet was introduced. With the help of the internet, research has become easier. People no longer have to go to the library to look for something they want to read, pdf versions are now all over the internet.

The emergence of blogging also created wider choices for people.

People can know read articles with photos of and\or videos. Writing and creating a blog post is trickier than what most people think. It is not just about the content, you must also be aware of the technical aspects of blogging.

Many people are now more inclined to internet marketing, thus making it harder for your blog posts to get any web traffic. With that kind of competition, you must consider SEO writing to increase your web traffic. What is SEO writing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) writing follows certain standards to increase the online visibility of the website. If you are confused, here are 13 tips to make your content more SEO friendly.

If you are new to blogging and you are not sure how to make your page more visible to search engines, then here are some tips on how to make your content more SEO friendly:

Search for keywords

The first step in creating web traffic is searching for keywords most people use to search for subjects related to the topic you are planning to right. Inserting keywords is important for you to increase web traffic. All you have to do is search for words or phrases that many people use when searching for your desired topic. It is better to be more specific, if possible.

Create a keyword list

One of the most important seo blog tips is to have a keyword list. Having the right set of keywords can help you improve your SEO ranking. Identify your main keyword and make sure to insert it on the important parts of your article. For example, if you are writing about essays then it is practical to make “essay” as your keyword and insert in phrases like “help with my essay.”

Create an enticing headline

One of the basic steps on how to write a blog post is creating an eye-catching headline. People tend to immediately click articles that have unique and interesting headlines, it is a great way to invite people to your website.

Have a consistent article flow

High-ranking blog posts do not only have a seo-friendly content, it also has a good flow that will make the readers engaged to your article and will leave them wanting for more. The flow of your article must be consistent. Your tone and tenses must also be consistent for it to be more comprehensible.

Regardless of the niche of the content, you want to publish, the ideas of your articles should flow smoothly. This will ensure that you’re able to convey ideas properly and your target audience can easily grasp the message.

The headline you’ll create and publish online can make or break a person’s decision to continue reading. If your articles have boring or uninteresting headlines, don’t expect that online users will continue browsing through your website. 

Keep in mind that most online users have limited attention spans, which is why you should make sure that your headline grabs their attention seconds after they’ve read it. 

Create a concise description

A concise description is a seo content necessity. It summarizes the content of the web page and it also helps in increasing the web traffic. A description must contain your main keywords. Oftentimes, the description has a character limit and it can be hard to summarize all your thoughts just so you can meet the standards of your article description. Make word count of description and title within the search engine limits.

Have a creative introduction

In any article, may it be online or print, the introduction is crucial. Whether you like it or not, most people base their decision to continue reading or abandoning the article from the introduction of the article. If your introduction does not have the right flavors and fails to spark readers’ curiosity, then the rest of your article will be wasted. It is also important to remember to insert keywords, especially your main keyword, in the introduction.

Have a well-crafted body

You must be able to discuss the main point of your article in the body. This is where you insert your facts and arguments, you  must not forget to insert keywords in this part of the article.

The body of your article will test your creative and can possibly define your credibility and writing style. Your writing style must be consistent so the readers will not be confused when reading your blog posts.

You must also insert headings so that your articles will not look long and boring. Headings are also great for breaking down ideas that you want to discuss in your article. In inserting headings, your article will look more organized, especially if you are writing an informative article.

Have a lively conclusion

Your conclusion must leave an impression to your readers. Most people only remembers the conclusion so you must make sure that this part will make people want to visit your web page again for more blog posts to read. You must not forget to put your main keyword in your conclusion as well.

Use interlinking

If you are wondering how to optimize content, then one of the best seo tools is interlinking. This gives you a chance to redirect your readers to your other articles. You have to make sure that your anchor text is related to the hyperlink.

You must also put your anchor text in the most convenient part of your article. If you are collaborating with other bloggers, this is a great way to promote their blog or to get them to promote your blog.

This will also increase your visibility. The more your blog gets interlinked, the higher the chance for it to be noticed.

Unique text

One of the most crucial SEO tips is having a unique text does not only help your ranking, it also saves you from plagiarism cases. Google also charges fees for having plagiarized content, so it’s best to ensure the uniqueness of your texts.

You must always ensure that your texts are unique in order to maintain your credibility as well. Being a blog writer is hard, especially now that anyone has access to the internet and anyone can just be a writer.

With fake news being a growing problem, you must establish your credibility as a writer so that more people would read your works.


You don’t want to end up reading your article then finding out that you have committed typographical errors and unintended grammatical errors just because you failed to proofread your article.

To save yourself from these horrors, make sure to proofread your articles before uploading them. You can also check if you have properly linked the texts to the right websites.

You can choose from a wide variety of apps and software that can proofread your articles for you. More often than not, these tools will require you to upload your articles and then will identify grammatical and typographical errors within minutes.

You can also have a friend look over your articles before publishing them online so you’ll be aware of any errors.

Use social networking sites

Another way of increasing the web traffic is by promoting your blog posts. Internet made communication easier and because of that, almost everyone is already using social networking sites. Social media is accessible to almost anyone, making it very easy for businesses like yours to connect with their target audience.

Take this opportunity to spread the word about your blog posts by sharing it to all social networking sites that you are using. This is also what most bloggers do to get people to read their blog posts.

Using social networking sites will greatly increase your visibility and traffic to your articles. This is especially true if your social media profiles have thousands or millions of followers. 

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are what most people visit on a daily basis. Sharing your blog through these platforms will give your blog better exposure and easily redirect followers to your articles.

Read other SEO articles

To be an effective seo writer, you must take time to read other seo articles to see different techniques on how to insert keywords without sacrificing the quality of your content.

You can also observe how they use and place hyperlinked texts. The technical aspect of seo articles are quite trickier than what you think, so you must always be careful with using links and choosing keywords to use. You must also check your keyword density.

Reading other SEO articles can become your platform to gain information on how you can improve your content. If possible, check published articles from your competitors and assess if these articles are appealing to their target audience. 

The existing SEO strategies of your competitors, and other businesses in general, will help you a benchmark to ensure that your articles don’t commit common SEO mistakes.

How to cope with web traffic competition

It is crucial that you make your blog posts seo friendly because this is one of the factors that will make your blog more successful. The more reaches and interactions your blog posts achieve, the more people will be able to see them.

It may be a little difficult if you are just starting to create your blog, or if you are just planning to start. You have to be patient with the interactions that your blog will get at first.

Consistency is also a huge help in coping with web traffic competition. A great way to beat competitors is through being consistent with posting articles. The more you post, the higher your ranking will be. Keep your page active so that you would consistently gain followers.

If your business currently operates in an industry where competition is tough, consider hiring companies that offer local SEO services.

Paying for these services is a cost-effective investment as you can guarantee that your published content is SEO-friendly, and you won’t have to waste time and energy doing it. These companies can do wonders, especially if your business is still new or small in the business arena.

In Conclusion 

Several sources are scattered all over the internet, you might not realize how deep your blog posts may be. There are websites that are deeply buried in google search and are almost impossible to find if you are just casually surfing the internet. You wouldn’t want that to happen, do you?

Just follow the 13 tips to make your content more SEO friendly if you are confused about writing seo articles. You must always take your content into consideration because if you have poorly made content even though you have a high ranking in google, then it will be useless because it could damage your credibility and will discourage people from visiting your page again.