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5 Best & Free SEO Tools in 2020

Feb 03, 2018

When we start any work we always need right tools to do it in a better way. SEO is a technique that uses to rank websites in the search engine. To compete with SEO, it is essential to have best and to explore new ways and opportunities. For this purpose, we need some tools to keep track SEO. Here I will share top 5 Free SEO tools that every marketer should have to use it. Yes, These are absolutely free tools. When it comes to “free”, that is awesome especially when it gives you lots of benefits, rank, traffic, and reputation.

Using these tools you can work more smartly and faster. These are very useful SEO tools that reduce your workload, save time and help to improve performance.

1- Google Analytics

Figures play an important role in the Search engine marketing. Statistics and graphs always help you understand your website and your audience better. Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you to understand your audience in a better way. Google analytics tells you how many people land on your website daily, weekly and monthly. It also tells the source of visitors, their location from where they are online and visiting your website. It tracks traffic on a web page and easy to use. There is no comparative of Google Analytics tool, this is the only tool that provides quality and detailed information

2- Google PageSpeed insights

Enter a URL in Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool will check usability and speed of your website on multiple devices. This is very helpful to know loading time of website and provide suggestions to improve website speed. It also shows stats of website either it is responsive or not and do a comparison of loading speed on both mobile and desktop view.

3- Keywordtool.io

It will be cheating when we are discussing other tools but not keywordtoo.io, SEO is nothing without Keywords, This is keyword planner tool. Enter a keyword or couple of keywords, this tool will show you stats and guide you regarding this keyword. Even show suggested terms that can help you make better keyword strategy.

4- Google Webmaster Tool

Google webmaster tool is very helpful to find out bugs, issues and indexing problems. It provides information in simplest and straight way. It tells you how Google sees your website. if you are not using this tool, I highly recommend to use it.

5- WooRank

Woorank is free website analyzer tool, with this you can analyze any website and generate a report within seconds. It helps to analyze any website more easily and comfortably. It reviews your website and shows tips to improve website ranking and boost traffic. It also helps to track search engine ranking of your website as well as your competitors. It scrapes a website and shows report of the website.

Wrap up.

Your eye is also an amazing tool for SEO, sounds funny? But it works, Look at things in a robotic manner and watch strategy of your competitor's website. View sources and look how things work. Your eyes will give you insights everywhere to start SEO process.