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5 Sure Signs you are Losing Organic Search Results In 2019

Dec 26, 2018

There are various reasons due to which websites fail to get regular traffic. One of them is the lack of organic traffic. What is organic search? In simple terms, when people use search engines to visit your website, type the URL directly or use any other similar method to get to your URL, it is called organic search. More organic search is always beneficial. When more people search for your website, more people show interest in what you are selling. Eventually, this enhances the sales figures and product success. Site SEO score must be good to achieve the desired expected results in near future.

The flip side is that when organic searches fall, companies can even close down in worst situations. The smart thing is that you should keep your eyes open for the key signs. If you are able to determine in a timely manner that organic searches are going down, it would be easy for you to check the cause and make improvements. Less organic searches can result in the website permanently going low on the rank list if rectifications are not made on time. Given below are 5 confirmed signs that the organic searches for your website are reducing.

Traffic Count Matters

Traffic is everything for a website. If you don’t have people visiting your website, there would be no business and conversions. Keeping an eye on the traffic of your website is very important. How many people visit your website on daily basis? What is the average time that each user spends? Has the count been constant or there has been a change recently? These are some key questions that extract the direction for website owners.

Professional business owners do use the best analytics tools to keep a constant check on the health of their websites. A key part of analytics is the number of visitors ending up on the home page on daily basis. Most people who are potential buyers use organic searches. You have to work on your organic searches. This is simply because they are sure about the company that plan to select for buying. If you see that the visitor count is declining on continuous basis, it is an alarming sign. It simply means that less people are searching for your website. This may have several reasons. For instance, the content on your website may be out dated or may not be that helpful. A regular decrease in the visitor count means that your website is going down the rank list. If the traffic count is high, it generates the impression that more people are interested in buying your products. This obviously means that your company would grow and produce better business results. The opposite effect is that if the traffic count is lower, less people would be interested in what you offer and more people would be looking at alternatives. This would obviously hamper your business performance.

Losing Out On Competition

If you are getting more visitors than your competitors, it simply means that you ahead in terms of competition than your rivals. This is obviously a positive sign. On the other hand, if you view that you are falling behind your competitors, it is a symptom that the competitors are taking over you and you are falling back on the rank list. This obviously refers to lesser organic searches as when fewer people search for you, search engines rank you at a lower level.

Falling back on the search engine list is not a sign that should be ignored in any manner. It takes a lot of hard work to acquire a high position in the search engine list but a decline can take place quickly. The moment, you see that your website is declining in terms of SEO ranking; you should determine the reason immediately. To start with, check the content on your website. It should be updated and comprise of quality information. A lot of brands post quality content for the first time and simply forget about it. This is not smart thinking in any manner. The content has to be refreshed regularly so that readers have something new to read every time. Engaging the user is a continuous process.

It is important to keep a track on the latest keywords. Google Keyword planner is one of the finest tools used for this purpose. User preferences in terms of searching changes over the period of time. Only select the feasible keywords for your web content or article. To get continuous traffic, the recent keywords should be embedded in the content. This would obviously result in more traffic and increased organic searches. In an overall manner, substandard content is one of the prime reasons for decreasing organic searches.


Penalized Due to Search Engine Policies

Search engines particularly Google have a well-defined list of regulations and policies. To have a healthy number of organic searches at all times, websites have to abide by these regulations at all times. This is one area that has to be checked if the number of organic searches are decreasing.

You can check whether your website has been penalized or not by executing a simple process. Simply search for your website on Google. If your website is not visible, it simply means that it has been penalized. When a website does not appear on the search engine list, people are unable to view it. Thus, the organic searches drop at a fast pace.

Weak Content and the Panda Update

What is Panda Update? A lot of websites lose traffic after a Panda update is launched by Google. This is basically a strategy to check websites with low standard content. Google is very particular about the content standard produced by different websites. Only websites with quality credible information are successful in acquiring a good rank. Must remove any kind of grammatical mistakes in your work to establish quality.

Website owners need to keep a check on the status of their websites after a panda update has been released. This is when most websites go down on the rank list due to substandard content. If this is the case with your website, you need to check the content on your website. Go through the written content and examine the deficiencies. Have the correct keywords been used? Is the content updated in terms of subject relevance? These are some of the many areas you need to think about. Content improvement is a continuous process. A website should have fresh quality content at all times so that readers develop the needed interest. Providing quality readable information is something that increases organic traffic.

Poor User Experience is a key factor

Just like Panda, Top Heavy is another important algorithm of Google related to user experience. It is impossible for a website to be successful if it has poor user experience. For instance, one sign of poor user experience is broken links. This can even damage the reputation of the website permanently. If a user visits a website, clicks a required link and ends up on a page with error 404 (this page cannot be displayed), he would quit the page that minute and look for a website that does not have this problem.

Google has a stringent approach to check the user experience provided by different website. The search engine keeps a strict check on what websites are putting on the table as UX. Top Heavy is a well-defined algorithm designed for this purpose. Whenever Top Heavy is executed by Google, numerous websites disappear from the list of results or fall on the rank list. If a website is penalized, it does not appear on the list of search results. When most people do not find them, the number or organic searches decrease.

Even if you are getting a stable number of organic searches, user experience is something that has to be monitored at regular intervals. A high ranked website is extremely easy to use and the user does not need to spend time on searching things. The links are visible and in perfect working condition. The layout of a website is also a part of the user experience. Having complicated layouts is a negative aspect instead of a positive one. This is mainly because users struggle while using the website. Another area which website owners need to focus on is the page loading speed. In the present time, if your website has heavy pages that load slowly, it can turn into a complete failure. Most website owners do not check the page loading speed regularly. If you suddenly feel that the organic searches are reducing, this is one area you should check.


Most successful conversions are as a result of organic searches. If you look at reputed websites, people search for them through search engines and by typing their URL in address bars. As these websites have a strong positive regulation, search engines rate them highly.