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5 Time Wasting SEO Techniques you should avoid

5 Time Wasting SEO Techniques you should avoid

April 10, 2018

While Doing SEO of your website, you should be very concern about what to do and most importantly what not to do because doing wrong will affect your good SEO techniques as well. As a result, your overall effort for search engine optimization will fail. It is for making your website to appear on top of the search engines but using wrong techniques in it will harm your website publicity. 

You need to understand the difference between GOOD and BAD SEO. Following are the 5-time-wasting SEO techniques that you should definitely avoid in order to save your website from chaos. We are not stating that these techniques are actually bad but their excessive use is bad for your website ranking. This is very important to know that what to do and what not to do.

1. Too Much Keywords


Excess of everything is bad and same is the case with keywords. Using too much keywords in your website content is bad. We are doing SEO for coming up at the top of search engines. Therefore, for this, we need to understand the policy of top search engine regarding keywords. Here is what top search says about keywords. Google says that filling your website with pages and pages of keywords results in negative publicity and this will affect your website ranking very adversely. Rather than stuffing a lot of keywords, one should use it appropriately with relevant content or meaningful content.

Adding keywords is like a curve. When you add too much keyword, this curve starts to fall rather than increase. To stay on the top of this you need to maintain usage of keyword in an appropriate way.  Prefer to use short keywords rather than long keywords. Short ones are most effective. The content you wrote should always be relevant to the keyword. Google Algorithms do analysis for this. Focus on the good content with appropriate use of keywords.

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Another thing, which should be avoided in the use of keyword, is the use of most beneficial keywords in the hidden form. By hidden form, we mean that those keywords are not visible to the user of the website but it is surely visible to the Search Engine. Now the algorithms of Google are so much efficient that they could recognize this false use of keywords. This thing has a very negative effect on the ranking of a website.

2. Way too much dependence on backlinks


This is the concept of many website holders that putting many links on their site will somehow magically introduce traffic on it but this is not reality. SEO give us good results when we focus on every technique in a limited way rather than put way too much pressure on only one.  You should use this backlinking but in a balance way. Other techniques like content, socialization and keywords should also be applied with this in order to get the desired results. This link back technique is easy and at low rate and also quick. In the market these days many companies, which are Search Engine Optimization, related giving you many link backs for your website within a time of 2 or 3 weeks. However, they will probably put a bad effect on your website. This technique is the bread and butter for SEO. It depends on the validity of a certain website, which is sending links, rather than any website available even with low ranking. This technique should be applied with working strategy and homework. Proper study of requirements for link building should be done. Researchers with full knowledge should be applied for this task.

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3. Blogs from Guests


Marketing strategies have been changed so as the techniques of Search Engine Optimization. Guest blogging is also one of those techniques, which have been changed now. There are two types of blogging, one is guest blogging and the other one is spam blogs. You need to differentiate between these two the later one is not good for your website but the excess use of guest blogs is also not good for your website.  According to the search of Google Algorithms, first, they will identify the irrelevant blogs, which are trying to wrong publicity at wrong place like links for sales on the site of technology. This is surely not a good idea. Your blog should be valid and authentic.

To keep its validity you need to visit Google Webmaster Tools. Then go into the Labs. After that go into the option of Author Stats.  In this, you should maintain your blog validity records. Most importantly do not use optimized anchors. This thing should not be the part of your blogs. Do not use long keywords in your blogs. Never write irrelevant material in your blogs or any worthless material.  This blogging technique is very useful for the brand publicity. You need to very careful about your plan while applying this technique. Using it in the right amount can help you high link building. Irrelevant and non-authentic blogging should be avoided.

4. Optimized Anchoring Texts

Search Engine Optimization Agencies have been using this technique with their keywords in the content and it does worked for them. But the scenario has been changed now. It don’t work anymore.  Its days are over now.  We need to know what exactly is this. Let us consider a scenario your website needs to rank the specific term “ 10 most best ideas for business” so for this your website will make use of anchor that is “10 most best ideas for business” as a link to its own website. Now Google has given a warning for this type of technique usage. It has been stated in Link Scheme Google document. They have given examples of fake links, which do not match with their requirements. For example, putting so many links in the content of website for publicity. Consider the below example which you should avoid.

Our salon offers so many services. From haircut to best dresses. If you want your wedding to be the best please select best ring. Other than that, you will also need beautiful bunch of flowers for that day.

So you are thinking now that how I could use this technique safely.  Instead of using optimized anchor texts, you should be using the full display of website address to which you are referring like e.g. or use hyperlinks which refers to some brand like prepostseo. This builds customer trust on your website.

Moreover, while maintaining the good it necessary not to copy it from any other website. Plagiarism is not allowed. Google can put charge on you by putting copied content on your website. It should be avoided at any cost.

5. Usage of Images

It is a good technique if it used properly. Nowadays many SEO agencies are stuffing their contents with images and not only relevant but also with irrelevant images. First, they need to make sure that irrelevant images are not required. Secondly, if they are placing relevant images then they should label them as well. Anonymous images have no impact on ranking because cannot recognize what this image is relevant to if you are not stating it. This is a very popular marketing strategy but it should be used with relevancy and authentication so that one could get benefit from it. Optimization of images is necessary requirement if you are adding images in your content for better ranking. The images, which are optimized always, take less amount of time for downloading. It helps the page to load faster.