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7 Things to do before you start website SEO

7 Things to do before you start website SEO

February 29, 2016

Website SEO is one of the most critical and important activities you are going to perform. If you don’t perform SEO like a religious obligation you are definitely going to spoil all your efforts as well as money.

So, before you even jump in it, I would like to share few critical and most important things you must equipped with. With the conclusion of my heavy research I could summarize all of these in ‘7 things to do to achieve desired SEO score’. Let’s dive into it.


Start something without knowing ins and outs of it, you are an upfront loser or maybe I should say you are a stupid one. I firmly belief, don’t even bother to think about activities or worldly businesses you don’t have any knowledge about. So is the case with SEO. If you are unaware of SEO, let it go or acquire a handsome knowledge.

Time Frame:

In continuation of our first point (Knowledge) now you are at the stage where you can set a realistic time frame. Certainly this is crucial and in some cases really uneven but you have to set it. There are 2 things at least you must consider.

  1. Set Time Frame for minimum weekly input time. This shouldn’t be less than you plan.
  2. Set Time Frame for one whole SEO campaign.  Stick to it, but you will know what to do when you would have consumed your set time frame.



Budget for your SEO campaign totally depends on your specific needs. In some cases you don’t need it, but these days are long gone if you intend to get results. Sooner or later you understand about investing hard cash in SEO. I suggest devote a separate budget that you can afford to lose. Where to invest this budget is a long story and thousands of articles need to be written on this. In short you should figure out budget for SEO purposes, like, which tools you need for On-site or may be off-site SEO. Budget for your employees performing different SEO activities etc. I hope you get my point.

Dreams VS Reality:

Don’t live in dreams. Most of newbie fail here and don’t have luck to come back again. Before starting you can think of huge, mind blowing achievements and results but when you see slow progress or even no progress you lose your heart eventually. Burn your dreams alive and unleash realistic approach that is quite sufficient to keep you going.


SEO is a tiresome and long activity that sometimes even gets boring enough. You must keep yourself active, motivated and fresh. Targets and goals setting is a fantastic technique not only to keep you motivated forever but also gives exact overview of your achievements. So, try to set perfectly realistic chunks of easy targets that you think you can achieve.

Team Selection:

One of the basic key to your success is you and your team. Every member’s efficiency in terms of Engineering, will affect your whole game of SEO. Get best players to fit in your game plan, who don’t hesitate to take the responsibility and never tire. This team not only a motivational factor but a joint force working for one cause and that is success. So, be careful.

Full Blown Action Plan:

If you want to achieve 70% output then you should prepare and pore 110% input. This can only happen if you get down and dirty with pen and paper and invest a sufficient time to come out with an outstanding road map of action. The better your plan of action is, the brighter are chances of winning. This plan should include every aspect, from team management and assigning tasks, roles, goals, achievements, timeframes, tools, techniques, joint ventures, budget and anything you can think of. In short this is the back-bone for your body of action.

I am sure these 7 points are going to work for you as they worked for me. You will enjoy a new streamlined working environment by applying these result oriented techniques.