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9 clever ways to use push notification on your website

Mar 31, 2018

Emails get buried quite often and social media reaches just a small amount of followers. You definitely need something else to engage and convert your audience. Therefore, push notifications are an amazing strategy to reach your desired audience swiftly. However, when you send a push notification, it should so well created that an end user is just not able to ignore it.

A push notification is made of two API, Notification API and Push API. Notification API is to display notifications whereas push API is to handle messages that are pushed to the client from your server via the push service used by the browser.

This notification is an alert which pops up on a device and prompts the users to do something. However, many online businesses make use of bunch of push notifications, but do not see any action after that.

Why is that?

The user doesn’t feel excited or motivated to take action. Therefore, there is no engagement of a user with your offers. To engage your loyal users using push notifications in a clever way will break the barriers and help them know that you have shared something fresh. You need to make this move smartly.

So, here is your push notification guide to offer an entertaining experience to the users for taking an action. Following are 9 clever ways to use push notification on your website.


Create Urgency: Push notifications need a quick response and for that it must create urgency with the offer which will push people to take immediate action. This will reduce browse abandonment as well. For example, a visitor comes to your website but leaves without purchasing then an immediate push message will populate the name of the product with some discount.”   Send price and sale alerts: If your e commerce store is offering a huge sale or if the price has dipped for some products then using push notifications in a clever way can help you get prospective customers in real time. This will literally push the customers to take notice of your offerings. For example, the push notification can be like, “Hey Sandra, hurry and grab your favorite Smartphone now available on 25% off for 24 hours”.   Validate the customers effectively: Everyone would not like to open an account on your website. They would not like to share contact details either. So, notify your visitors of the value they will be getting like “Login with your account and get 20 percent discount on Lewis Philippe Shirts.”It’s vital to offer your visitors something that induces them to take a step.   Nudge the visitors to take action: If you have just updated new products in your store then telling your prospect customers in a simple way about it won’t work. You would need to give them something to take action. Use a push message and ask them to check the latest collection to avail 50% flat discount. Brainstorm on the push strategy more and it can work out extraordinarily. Use custom icons and large images: Custom icons and large images accompanied to the push notifications give them a unique appeal. Make use of an emoji in a clever way so it should not seem boring or stereotype. For example, the headline of a notification should be compelling to encourage and engage a customer to respond immediately. Emojis on the headlines can improve the clicks like never before.   Personalize: It’s vital to personalize your message because when someone receives a personalized message they connect with it. They feel as if it is especially for them. It also means high conversion rates. A push notification should be relevant and personalized.   Segmentation: If you want your notifications to be read or noticed, it is important to create different segments. Segments are groups of people to whom you send notifications. So, based on the activities of the users you should put subscribers into different segments. Find out the type of pages viewed by the subscribers, categories, genres, device type, views on a particular page, location, etc. For example, if someone is reading on ethnic fashion then you can proceed to send them messages on new ethnic update or new offers on ethnic clothing. Empower your visitors with real time information: If you are running a blog or a news website, then you need to keep your readers informed about the new posts or news at all times. You need to do this efficiently with some personalization using the push notification so they will keep coming back to you. For example, “Read the full news here or know why Steve Smith breaks down during a press conference.”Such push messages will entice the end user to click the notification.   Notifications as per the actions taken by the visitors: This is also called a triggered notification. It is a fantastic tool for sending personal push notifications. It can be sent to people automatically on the basis of their actions they take at your website. For example, you can alert them when an item is shipped or when they have quit shopping. Abandoned cart message shave been one of the most successful marketing strategies for many e commerce companies.