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9 Copywriting Hacks to Increase Your Sales Starting Today

9 Copywriting Hacks to Increase Your Sales Starting Today

October 26, 2018

All entrepreneurs have a product or service to sell. Although businesses are continually looking for ways to boost their revenues and create loyal customers, not all strategies are effective. Today we’ll introduce an efficient way of achieving this goal –through the use of copywriting. Known by experts in the industry as "salesmanship in print", copywriting can assume numerous forms, including content, web page, blog post, email, podcast, video, and many others. Copywriting is like a tiny text generator process that helps IT profesionals to write new innovative content. Without further ado, here are our 9 most powerful copywriting hacks:

The story and its solution

No matter of communication medium you use, you have the chance to create a verbal picture of how you’ll solve a need or problem the customer has. Copy writing becomes easy when you use paraphrasing tool to write some awesome content. The aim is not merely to throw words around, but rather to immerse the reader and capture their imagination. For example, a tale of having come from a low-income family and succeeding through these x and y steps is more compelling than “one day I woke up and knew the answer”.


Have a good look at the image above. What do you see? We see an offer that creates an instant urge in the visitor’s mind. They provide Bluehost coupons + free domain and want to let the user know that there’s a limited supply of them. It made me personally want to click their CTA button and sign up even though I already have hosting secured for another year.

In simple terms, this is the solution you’re offering, and why a customer would decide to purchase it from you. In other words, explain the advantages that a customer would get (around 20% of the copy).  The rest should be about the transformational value that the service or product has for clients.

Use Rhyming ( Valid Content)

You may be squinting your eyes and wondering what we’re talking about. According to research conducted in the field of psychology, rhyming add validity and authority in the minds of consumers. This poetic justice impacts people’s perception and dramatically influences behavior. In fact, psychology is one of the best tools for boosting sales and creating returning customers. This factor act as google indexer because when content will be seen by thousands of viewers, then it will be easily indexed.

Spruce up your Meta descriptions

Some copywriting experts advise that the best copywriting work should be kept for Meta descriptions. Because potential customers and clients use meta descriptions to understand what the web page will be about, it’s one of your best chances of convincing individuals to click on your link instead of a competitor’s one. In other words, you have a dynamic number of characters (around 150-350) to make an impression, driving traffic to your website and generating more customers –thus revenue.

This point is sometimes used as an effective SEO strategy as well. However, if your content and descriptions are not up to standard, then it won’t matter that your page ranks on page one. You’ll be throwing money down the drain if you're not re-evaluating your meta information.


‘About us’ page

If you’re unaware that the ‘about us’ page is one of the main determinants of whether customers will look on your web page past the six seconds of first impressions, then you need to understand that people buy from people. This means that you need to make customers understand why and who is behind your brand and services. There are a couple of pin pointers for this, including:

  • Using emotionally charged words
  • Talking about hurdles you’ve overcome to get to this point; connecting this to potential stories of your target audience
  • Use plagiarism checker tool to evaluate quality
  • Unless inappropriate for the particular niche, use an informal and friendly style.
  • Outline the most important aspects of the company and service you offer (i.e., having the same customer service representative for the entire buying process)
  • Photos can help people put a face to a name

Understand human psychology

According to research in psychology, people are less interested in ‘what’ rather than ‘why’. In other words, your aim is to make people understand why your product or service will benefit them. To achieve this, you need to acknowledge what makes people tick –from a psychological perspective.

Although we can appreciate that this is a vast subject area, the best companies in the world conduct psychology-related training sessions for gaining knowledge of the ever-changing mentality of customers. It can also motivate your employees and even yourself –giving you more confidence in your abilities.

Person and problem

This point is the most important and most efficient copywriting hack expert talk about: knowing your audience and what they are looking for. Your product or service is aiming to reach a target market with its message, meaning that you understand their problems or lack of solutions. Trying to please everyone means your business doesn’t have the direction it needs, and this will make your marketing techniques suboptimal at best.

You Are Free

We’re back to the psychology of customers. According to studies, reassuring readers that they have the freedom to choose is a technique that could increase your sales starting from today. In other words, ‘you are free’ reminds clients and customers that they can refuse a product or service and that they are in control. For example, if you were to conduct a survey, remind participants that they can stop at any time; this is a simple strategy which could double conversion rate in just a couple of minutes. Talk about magic words!

Using crystal-clear headlines

Experts say that although you can get ten customers to read your headlines, only a couple will read the content you have to offer. Good content works as a backlink generator by attracting new online readers. In fact, it appears that the headline is the critical action driver for your content. There is a reason behind the madness, and that’s because customers are bombarded by an informational overload, meaning that you only have a couple of seconds to captivate the user’s attention.


There you have it; the nine copywriting hacks which will help increase your sales starting from today. There are even more techniques which you could try, but starting with the ones above will serve as a great start!