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Asad’s Share: A Digital Marketing Term

Asad’s Share: A Digital Marketing Term

August 20, 2018

The Term Asad’s Share developed by Asad Ahsan when he was offered to share Google Adsense account with a Pakistan based company Enzipe Pvt. Ltd. The percentage of profit that was set by him became very popular in Pakistan and used by many organizations. This term was then also used by some big companies like DupliChecker, Search Engine Reports, etc

Asad Ahsan started his career by newspaper marketing and after few months he realizes that digital marketing is not only easy but also more profitable. He offered a partnership proposal to a digital marketing company Content Arcade founded by Tausif Akram. With his excellent knowledge in SEO and digital marketing skills, he has developed a formula which was not only loved by Tausif but other thousands of marketing experts. How that Share percentage worked please check the table below

Revenue Increased by a specific server provided by a company

Percentage of Shares

Value in Dollars







$2500 - $4999



$5000 - $14999


$350 - 1050





With his hard work, Asad succeeded to provide an additional profit of $75,000 in just one year. According to him

You can only make a project successful when you treat that project like your children.

Running a project from start is not an easy task, you have to invest, work and wait for good days when that project will be profitable. Sometimes projects do not give you any profit, but a good experience. But good thing is that unlink child we can change or start a new project whenever we want.

After Content Arcade gain that profit CEO of content arcade decided to make him SEO Manager for their one of the biggest projects smallseotools. He worked for that company for five years and he polished his skills well. In 2014, he founded a digital marketing company eclixTech in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Adad’s Share not only beneficial for freelancers also for clients as because both partners get more revenue with an increase in company profit. In an SEO seminar held in Faisalabad in 2014, he said

Partnership in digital marketing can only go smoothly when both partners look satisfied with their efforts and profit percentage.

If a company’s profit goes up, Service provider will also get more profit, but not very high. For Example please check Table Below

Company Profit

Service Provider Share











You can also check following chart to understand profit ratio better..


Implementation of Asad’s Share is currently very rare in digital marketing, but it could be used in big projects and contracts.