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Backlinks from forums still effective or not?

Backlinks from forums still effective or not?

February 29, 2016

One of the ways utilized by Search Engines to recognize the popularity of a website is through how much Backlinks a website wins from others. Quality and quantity of backlinks is a separate topic. Backlink may be from a website, a forum, directory or any online property that one can think of. A backlink represents and tells the world or you might say, tells the Search Engines, Hey! I know him. So it’s just like a vote. At the moment we want to deal with the issue of backlinks from forums. Are the backlinks from forums still effective or not? Do Search Engines still count a backlink from a forum in favor of the Webmaster? 

To answer this we need to dig a little in the previous policies of Search Engines not technically but from the aspect how they have been considering backlinks. When Search Engines were not sophisticated enough they used the algorithm of as many backlinks has a website as much PR it had. But now Search Engines work same like human beings. Let’s have a quick example. Just assume you have a Pizza Shop. Now you run a marketing campaign and try to spread your word out to as many potential buyers as you can. In the first instance public will be attracted only by your advertisement. Now, people have tasted your Pizza and know how well it is. People will refer their friends and family if Pizza tastes good. More people and referrals you’ll find and your credibility will keep on increasing. Same is the case with Search Engines algorithms. These buyers and referrals are like backlinks.

There is no second opinion about backlinks. Everyone favors that backlinks is one big part of SEO. Only backlinks from forums are little confusing. So, basically there are two types of opinions. One in favor and one is against. Let’s quickly go through of these.

Claims in favor:

Forums are just like other web properties and Search Engines rank forums. So, a forum voting for another forum or web-property is counted.

There is no any indication or clue from Google or any other SE about such a nonsense ideology.

Backlinks from good forums still effect SEO campaigns that is tested for countless of times and show results.

Forum pages have their PR, so backlinks coming from such pages are strongly effective.

Backlinks from Niche forums strongly effect SEO campaigns.

Claims in Opposition:

Forum posting is one of the easiest way to post a backlink in a shortest period of time. So, every forum could have tons of outgoing links and thus these links have no weightage.

Most of the forums function in a way that posts and threads are sent to archives frequently and so the links in these are not more than a waste of time, energy and money.

Signature section has the same context for every posting which is a parasite and Google is quick and sharp enough to handle this.

My Conclusion:

Honestly speaking; this is a long and endless debate whether Backlinks from forums are still effective or not but I am against any hard and harsh single opinion. In my opinion we should test every possible strategy time to time with best suitable opportunities and should take advantage off. Search Engines keep on changing their algorithms in the best thinkable human manners. So, if we have controversy in our opinions, so the SEs too. We should use best possible techniques, keeping all necessary parameters in consideration to get backlinks as we use to get backlinks from websites or blogs. Test it, follow it up and make your own decision.