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Bootstrap vs. Material : Which One is better

Mar 01, 2018

The success of the project depends on the technology that is used for the development process. This is the era of the advanced technologies that are more users friendly and works more efficiently.  Today people are more conscious about their needs and requirements. They care about their brand reputation, it is only possible if latest technology involved and used efficiently. Today some technologies are more popular in web application development. We will discuss here two of these for front-end development. Bootstrap and Material Design Lite are languages that used for front end development and provide facilities to developers.


Originally named Twitter Blueprint, Bootstrap is open source and free framework to design responsive websites or web-application. It is developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton (Twitter Developers). Their 12 column grid has actually become so popular that many CMS themes have adopted it to facilitate design. It allows to download full package or customized version. With bootstrap creating a website or layouts are more simpler than ever. It facilitates to create grids, buttons and other components.


Large Community Support Easy to use Wide Variety of templates Easy to Create Web templates and layouts



Code is not lightweight Depends on JS Frameworks and libraries  

Material Design Lite

Material Design is also known as quantum paper Developed by Google in 2014. It provides templates for innovative components like badges and cards etc. It is used to build frameworks and here Material Design Lite is an example of it. MDL is an advance designing platform which facilitates to the developers to create different innovative components. Unlike Bootstrap it is not dependent on JS libraries and frameworks. MDL is gaining popularity in these days but it is now on limited support.



Lite Weight Super-Fast More Specific and  Accurate Use to add look and feel in website



Ceased developments Comparatively small community Limited Support