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Common Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign Isn’t Working

November 15, 2018

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial to your online success. When competing in the online world, you need to be seen by people and without successfully marketing yourself, it can cause your business to see a reduction in sales and your SEO campaign starting to fail. If you’re finding your SEO campaign isn’t working, then it may be caused by a few different reasons. This article will give you the most common reasons why your SEO campaign isn’t working. Let’s take a look.

You’re working with the Wrong Agency

When it comes to online marketing, many people tend to hire a digital marketing agency like Minneapolis SEO Company - Hook Agency. Digital marketing agencies are great options for those who aren’t savvy in the online marketing world. However not all agencies are suited to all clients and their needs. If you’ve hired a digital agency for a while and you haven’t been seeing results from the money that you were spending, then it may be time to choose a new digital agency. When selecting an agency it’s important to look for these key factors:

An SEO agency that analyses your site and helps you understand where your key issues lie. An agency that offers data tracking and reports of campaigns on a monthly basis. An agency that’s willing to sit and talk in person with you about what they feel is the problem. An agency that offers a competitive budget for the services they provide. An agency that shows you actual results instead of a shiny proposal and presentation.

A digital agency should be willing to work with you through your online marketing needs. If they don’t then it may be time to find another one.

You’re Link Building Wrong

Link building is an important element when it comes to SEO and website ranking. However adding links to websites randomly isn’t good link building. What many people don’t realize is that backlinks generation  methods are so much more than the above. It’s about finding good quality sites which have good metrics. Some things to consider when doing good link building is:

Check the metrics of the site to determine its value. The main metrics you need to check are Trust Flow, Domain Authority, and Traffic. The more traffic a site has the better. Make sure the site is within your niche. There’s no point building links from a digital marketing website when your site is related to animals. Hire a professional to write great content for your link building. Remember people will be judging you on the content that you write so you want to make sure you sound professional and as an industry leader. Use the target keyword in the title and the URL of the article to help it rank better. Choose your keywords effectively to ensure it’s not overly used or spammy.

Link building is a vital component to your SEO efforts however if you’re doing it wrong, it can jeopardize your SEO completely.

Your Content Is Poorly Written

No matter what you’re writing when it comes to your digital marketing effort one thing needs to be consistent and that’s the content needs to be of good quality. If you’re content isn’t up to a professional standard, Google and your visitors won’t take you seriously. Some ways to improve your content and make it professional includes, but isn’t limited to:

Work on writing topics that help solve a problem for your audience. You can find out what questions people are asking by using Google search bar to search for the most popular result. Make sure the topic you’re writing about gives helpful hints and tips that the reader can take away after reading and implement them in their daily life. Always check the content for spelling and grammar mistakes to ensure the quality of the content is as high as it can be. A simple mistake can look unprofessional in your audience’s eyes, this is why it’s important to always check. Make sure the content passes online plagiarism checker tools such as Copyscape.com. Having duplicate content can affect your website rankings greatly so always make sure it’s unique. Make your content visually appealing by incorporating screenshots, images or videos. People are drawn to content which features a visual effect so keep this in mind when dressing up your content. Balance text and whitespace evenly. This means by breaking up large blocks of text using subheadings, bullet points etc. This will help to reduce reader fatigue.

Content is everything when it comes to online marketing and SEO, don’t take it for granted.

Not Tracking Results

When implementing any SEO or digital marketing strategy, it’s important that you track your overall results to know whether this is working or whether it isn’t. But how do you track your results you may ask? Some ways include, but isn’t limited to:

Checking the bounce rate of your website. While you may get people to come to your website, if they don’t stay for a long period of time then it means that something is wrong with your website. This may mean it’s not what your visitors are looking for, or there’s a good chance that some of the information or content isn’t up to par. A full analyses of your website is needed if this is the case. Lower bounce rate means more SEO score. Checking Google Analytics on how much traffic increase you’ve had during the time you’ve implemented your campaign. A/B test different campaigns to know whether your current campaign is working or whether it could be better. Check if you’ve had an increase in profit since implementing your campaign?

These are just some ways to find out whether your campaigns are working and where you’re able to track your results.

Not Giving Your Campaign Long Enough To Run

What many people don’t realise is that running an SEO campaign isn’t a quick thing. In order for you to see any sort of results you need to run the campaign for a few weeks to a few months. Your SEO campaign is dependent on many different factors including the keywords you use, the competition you’re up against, and the types of campaigns you’re trying to run. When you’ve setup a campaign, it’s important to work on long term efforts instead of short term. The longer you run your campaign during a 6 month period, for example, the better. This way you’ll be able to gauge whether the campaign is working or not.


When it comes to SEO, it’s a very intricate thing. It doesn’t just happen overnight, you need to really work hard over a few months to see any form of results and whether it’s working or whether it’s not. So whether you’re a newbie to digital marketing or whether you’ve already tried to implement a new strategy, there’s one thing that you really need to look at and that is why your campaign may not be working. So are you going to check if any of these issues are causing your campaign to fail?