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Content Marketing Plan for E-Commerce Sites

Sep 27, 2018

E-Commerce is the online buying and selling process that has great importance in our daily life. Businesses are now creating their own e-commerce platforms through which they can have an easy access to millions of internet users. The development of online selling businesses is on the rise from the past few years. It’s because of the reason that the internet is the major part of every ’once life, and it plays a decisive role in decision making. If you own an online e-commerce store, then you should have to work on your content marketing plan. This strategy will get your business the recognition that it deserves form online buyers. The words you write about the products you sell must be unique, and helpful in drawing the attention of online customers.  Use a Plagiarism checker tool to identify any mistakes in your posts that you write in the shape of blogs, tutorials or product content.  This article is about how you should develop a plan of content marketing to drive the attention of millions of online users.

“We need to create a business strategy for our content. That means saying no to many channels and content types, and focus on where we can build an asset, an audience, over time.” – Joe Pulizzi

Portray a Story That Makes an Influence

Storytelling is an art, and you should have to be at your very best when it comes to writing about the products you sell through your online platform. A well-written piece of work will surely have a positive influence on the minds of readers. Add an emotional background to your story that you are sharing with your online customers. There are plenty of ways through which you can engage your audience towards your site, and in result can effectively increase your sales growth. Make your writing a different one from the conventional writing stuff, and introduce the quality of your product in a way that looks true to the actual representation. You can use the following ways in drafting your content for your e-commerce site.

Product Video: It’s a great successful tactic for online sites to make videos about the product they sell and share with the potential audience. Creating Memes: A trendy way to market your product on intent, and get the attraction of online buyers. Concise Story: Writing a story about the benefits of the products you are selling is the best way to engage teenagers.

Don’t Make Force Statements

It’s against the ethics if in your writing you kept on forcing your readers to buy your products without telling them the benefits of the products they want to read. Yes, use can use specific keywords about the product your business is selling but in an organized manner. Don’t make it feel to your buyer that you are doing too much keyword stuffing. It’s better to use a tool to analyze the actual search results of keywords and their competition level. Google Keyword Planner is the best tool to use in finding out the most suitable word that you can include in your content marketing work. Keep in mind the following ethical guidelines while crafting the content of a product.

Don’t use any false statements/words in your work. Keep In mind the nature of your audience. Must provide the actual facts and figures. Don’t play with the expectations of your buyers. Use word counter to evaluate the characters of your writing.

Stay Consistently Updated

Well, in any field of life if you want to get succeeded, then you have to really show determination in achieving your goals. Same is the case with content marketing. You have to be consistent in your product writing, and share your stuff with your online customers on a consistent basis. To achieve the regularity in your work you can build a blog or article section on your e-commerce site and share your work with regular intervals. This process also allows doing internal linking with the product pages to increase search engine positions.

“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time”. Bruce Springsteen

You can start a marketing campaign if you see that a special cultural/religious occasion is coming. Must mention discounts options with details in your work to attract a huge number of online buyers. Including catchy images can also help you to drive the attention of your readers. The image you post must be unique and less in size. To evaluate any image you can use an online reverse image  tool to verify its background. Normally the users only like those images which are having a cool theme and color perfectly representing your product.

A Responsive Content Platforms

A huge number of online buyers access a website through a smartphone. So in case, if the marketing work that you shared about your online products is not well responsive to the desired expected standards, then you might have to bear the loss in terms of overall sales and product recognition. A mobile-friendly platform will obviously engage thousands of more customers on daily basis as compared to that one which is not responsive to the available platform and devices. Resize and craft your written texts in a shape that these looks perfectly accurate on any phone. Must perform the following measures to achieve optimum readability.

•    Responsive test analysis of e-commerce platform

•    Platform Compatibility testing of the whole site especially the content section

Share with Care

The conversion rate of e-commerce sites through social media is higher. The reason is very simple and clear. Social media almost covers the half of the population of the world. Sharing of marketing stuff on social media channels can instantly drive the attention of valuable customers who are looking forward to buying the product that is pretty much similar to yours. It’s your responsibility to increase the following of your social media pages by evaluating your score through a social media counter tool. Must develop official pages and channels on these social sites.

•   Facebook

•   Twitter

•   YouTube

•   Instagram

•   Reddit

•   Stumble Upon