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Content Marketing Strategy for Successful SEO in 2019

Dec 14, 2018

It's important to develop a content marketing strategy if you want to achieve the best results from digital marketing. For this, SEO and content marketing should work together to help each other. The development of a marketing strategy for SEO is the best way to ensure that both work hand in hand.

By posting random blogs and keywords without a marketing strategy is useless. The fact is, you cannot randomly create content and expect first page ranking on Google. You need to strategize your content around solid content marketing strategy and SEO for any kind of sites to see any profitable traffic and high-quality inbound leads through user search.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SEO and content marketing? Are they different from each other or different names for the same thing? Do they work and fit together?

In today’s blog, we’ll answer these questions in details with pro tips to help you grow your business. We will go deeper to make this topic easier, understandable and clear.

Let's start with what SEO is?

It is a process of providing free and organic website traffic from search engines. All search engines such as Google and Bing have a search engine results page that provides users with search results based on keywords and phrases entered in the search bar. These results are classified according to their relevance to the user of the search engine.

What’s Content Marketing?

It's a digital marketing tactic that creates valuable and relevant content to help you gain new leads. This strategy is intended for your target audience in order to make some kind of customer activity. It may not always be the desired action to sell. You can, for example, pursue customers to download an eBook. There are a number of different content marketing strategies that work together to produce new results in your company. First, you must create relevant content for your audience. Marketing content is not always focused on selling. Sometimes the goal is to educate your audience, and sometimes it can only be for pure fun. In any case, content should add value to your audience.


Are keyword and content marketing strategy the same?

Most of the users get confused between content marketing strategy and keyword strategy. A content marketing strategy begins with the target audience and deepens your understanding of the expertise and value of your brand. SEO or keyword research is exceptional to discover how people talk about topics relevant to your brand but when it comes to understanding the audience, it is limited.

Do they work and fit together?

Yes, they do.

In order to promote their content, many companies depend on social media and email marketing. Certainly, these are powerful digital marketing channels that can work wonderfully for your marketing strategy. Using these channels, however, you cannot always guarantee that the content you promote finds the right customer at the right time. On the other hand, SEO helps to improve your chances of reaching consumers when you need them.

Let’s say SEO and content marketing are two persons. In business, both are linked and help each other in time of need.

“SEO makes demands. Content marketing fulfills those demands.” Neil Patel

Think of it.

When buyers have a service or product question, they turn to search engines such as Google to find the information they need. If you want to reach consumers in a time of need, you must give them the right content at the right time. This is where SEO and content marketing fit together. Are you ready to jump deeper to learn more about content marketing strategy? Let's dive together to discuss how to create a marketing strategy for SEO content.

Use the following strategies to develop a content marketing strategy in 2019 for the best results:

Find Target Audience

As we said above, submitting random blogs do not work for first page ranking on search engines. Before you create content, find your target audience and market. It is important to focus on reaching the best-suited audience for your services or products to hit right customers through content strategy. Try to find what kinds of questions your target buyers have when searching on Google. By understanding the challenges of your target audience, you will have a better idea of what types of topics you might be looking for online.

Here are suggestions to narrow down your target audience:

Check target audience of competitor: Look at the social media responses, customer reviews and blog comments of their followers. Don't necessarily target the same audience. Find out how you can connect with a group of niche.

Specify the advantages of your product/service and determine the type of people you may need.

Conduct surveys and find out what prospects your product/service actually has, including common questions that you can answer in your content.

Set goals

Starting a business without setting goals is like start a journey without a destination. Goals help to make a top content strategy. Consider these questions when setting goals:

What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to double leads? Do you want to increase sales to a certain extent? Are you trying to get subscribers for your newsletter?

First, document these goals. This will support you to determine types of content that you want to create for marketing.

A company such as a laptop dealer will have the primary objective of making people buy a laptop. Now, the company's content does not necessarily have to be limited. Despite, they should answer common questions about the laptop. This will make the business trustworthy, unique and will give away the impact of "human is dealing customers."

Discover the unparalleled expertise of your brand.

Go further in detail and find out what makes your brand exceptional. It's apparently not the product itself. Think about who are experts on which topics in your office and how can they help the organization. Moreover, think how your products are manufactured and consumed by buyers.

Design your brand: Consider three things while: branding, user experience, and conversions. Make a distinguished website for customers from the competition while creating experiences that build trust and connect with the public. Brand awareness is important for the growth of your business.

Develop your user-friendly brand: Your development teams should love challenges and thrive on bringing innovative solutions to life for your customers. Do not only build front-end sites for performance but also proud to be able to integrate with internal business systems and third-party applications.

Keyword Research

You must know what keywords people type in online searches to find answers to their questions. Knowing the most popular keywords of your target audience will help you to optimize your site. In addition, it will also let you publish relevant marketing content which will improve the ranking of your site in Google and Bing. You must also have to evaluate your keywords density to make sure the appropriate.


By linking content marketing and keyword research, you can concentrate not only on creating a content marketing strategy for SEO but also can get ranking at the top. For instance, if you sell books online, your immediate reaction may be to create an article about "why book reading is good?" or "why it is a good gift?" However, this has been done previously! You may find that a few dozen people search for a detailed article on the books for mind relaxation every month, but there are no good pieces on it.

Create your own content

It's the fun part!

Now that all the steps are followed, it's time on the creation.

Gather the information or research you need with your content and your keyword research completed and create your own content. Go beyond from only creating blog posts on these topics. Use these keywords to create additional website pages or content such as white papers and eBooks. You may even want to create video content you chose for marketing. The content you post must be free from any kind of any grammatical mistakes.


Once you have created and started your content, you will have a lag before you see any results, as with any SEO work. Make sure that you create a report or dashboard based on your content goals so that you can keep track of your content's performance regularly. If you find that growth does not exist after several months, it is a good idea to go back through the content strategy and evaluate it.


You can use the tips above to create a top SEO content marketing strategy that helps you take advantage for your company or brand. It's not a fast or easy process, but once you start seeing more qualified web traffic and improving conversions, you'll be happy to have taken the time to do so.