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Different Ways to Optimize Images for SEO

Different Ways to Optimize Images for SEO

June 07, 2016

Do you want your article to be easier in terms of reading for rest of the web users? Well, there are many ways through which you can give your articles with the easier looks to read out on the web. It is a known fact that any article can be made easy to ready through the way of short paragraphs, easy sentences and use of the headings. Some of the people even favor adding their web with maximum pictures because this is considered to be the best way in terms of grabbing the attention of the visitors on your webpage.

Below we will be giving out the complete and detailed guide through which the readers will learn the facts that how they can optimize images for SEO:

Helpful Guidelines To Optimize Images For SEO:

Guideline No 1: You should always try to select with the images that are according to the concept of the article. Adding unwanted images in any article will make the visitor and traffic confuse that what the article is all about.

Guideline No 2: Plus make sure the fact that whatever images you are choosing they should be high in terms of quality. They should have excellent resolution and size of the images should be larger enough to make it visible to the users.

Guideline No 3: One of the most important things to consider is the utilization of the stock photos. You might have listen about the strict ‘no stock photos allowed’ policy in the newspaper editors. They are horribly worst looking. This is because of the reason that they will make your website appear much more like the marketing brochure for a characterless business.

Guideline No 4: Search for the images that are original. Images who are copyright can come across as a lot dangerous for your webpage. It can even ban your webpage.

Guideline No 5: If you are supporting to use the stock photos then make sure that you do search for the one who are free of cost. Most of the times it do happen that stock photos are accessible in high rates. It would be rather best suggestion if you will put the images that are photographed by your own. It can bring a big difference in your webpage.

Guideline No 6: Moreover you should have the skills to create with your graphs, charts and visual designs too. But if you don't want to take that much work pressure then there are so many tools and resources accessible in this regard work.

Best Tools For Optimizing Images For SEO:

1. Flickr Creative Commons: It is considered to be one of the best tools for the photos. With this tool you would be able to make the use of any photo that has been labelled with a Creative Commons licence. This tool is free from the copyright issues. But be sure with the fact that you catch with the complete credit and link to the Flickr profile of the person who is taking the photo.

2. Gif Grabbar: You should take the best benefit by using some handy tools. Gif Grabbar is one of the best free tools through which you have the complete freedom to capture anything you want right from your desktop or laptop screen, and resize and trim the finished product.

3. Chrome Extension: Adding the webpage with the various colorful screenshots eventually make it attractive looking. Chrome Extension gives you the chance in which you can take the screenshots of your browser window. It is your choice that you want to take either partial or the whole web page.

4. Piktochart: In the same way we have Piktochart as well! This is known out to be one of the most famous and popular data visualisation tools. It is free and quite a lot simple to use. This tool has been accompanied with great number of templates for the purpose of infographics and other creatives.

Best Tools To Resize Photos For SEO:

1. Mac: In any SEO webpage resizing the pictures is one of the most important tasks. But if you are using Mac then this task is no longer a big trouble for yourself. You can easily resize the pictures as you want.

2. Photoshop: You can even make the best use of the Photoshop as well. You can even choose with the many online resizing tools including with the Picresize.

3. Paint: Paint is another one of the best options or tools for resizing the photos. In the paint software you can open the paint and choose the picture which you want to resize.

Well optimizing the images for SEO is not at all intricate task but still if you are beginner in it then you should be well aware from the skills and creative tools that are vital for optimizing the images for SEO! We have provided you with the complete detail review! If you are planning to create your webpage then do make sure that you keep these helpful guidelines in mind.