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Digital Marketing 101: Boost Your SEO Offers For More Leads

June 28, 2018

Lead generation is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing to pull off - primarily because it’s affected by a lot of factors. One tiny change elsewhere can drastically affect your leads, which can then affect your returns and the success of your campaign. However, did you know you can actually work towards generating more leads by working on your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts? That’s right - you can actually tap into better SEO methods and strategies not only to push your digital marketing game further, but to also get yourself more leads for a more sustainable and efficient campaign. This Digital Marketing 101 article will teach you how to do exactly just that.

Search Engine Optimization And Leads: How Do They Hold Up?

Interestingly enough, perhaps it’s important to first understand just how relevant lead generation is for any digital marketing campaign. In fact, the race towards the “mastery” of lead generation is on, as 68-percent of business-to-business companies admit to still have a hard time with lead generation. The attention garnered by this, however, is no mere “concept,” as a noticeable lead generation strategy may lead to a 50-percent increase in leads that are ready for sales, alongside 33-percent decrease in the costs of implementing said strategy. Increasing lead generation has become quite the priority of a lot of companies because of the benefit above - and with most buyers and consumers relying on the internet, blogging, and social media to get their information, your lead generation strategy must be solid in order to get you the returns you want.

Generating Leads With Better SEO

If there’s anything the above has shared, it’s that lead generation can be quite a powerful asset in gaining the upper hand in the digital marketing scene - provided you do it right. Below are just some tips on how to boost your SEO offers for more leads. Hopefully, you can integrate these with your own personal strategies in order to create a system that is right for you:


Make sure your site is optimized for conversions: Even if you have an aesthetically-pleasing or well-designed website, you need to make sure it’s in fact suitable for conversions. You can do this by performing what’s known as a conversion audit, which is a service that some digital marketing companies can offer you for a small fee. This at least ensures that whatever move you make to fully improve your lead generation is something that can mesh well with your website. Make a habit of checking and assessing your analytics data: Tools such as Google Analytics are there precisely so you can keep track of the performance of your website, especially based on Google’s standards. Doing this regularly not only helps you keep tabs on your website, but allows you to identify just where traffic is coming from, what kind of traffic is being generated, and perhaps even the path of conversion. This kind of data can help you find ways to better optimize your campaigns in the future.   Maximize sales by using call tracking: If your campaign involves the usage of multiple sources and channels in order to generate leads and conversions, consider call tracking. This system is especially efficient if you have a platoon of sales representatives on the prowl for calls from leads and prospects. Call tracking will route customers of a particular marketing channel to a sales representative particularly assigned to that channel. This means you won’t get overloaded phone lines, and you can have access to statistics that won’t only indicate what channels are efficient in your campaign, but potentially check just which aspects of your calls and overall campaign are actually working or not. Maximize your website by using heat tracking: In speaking of maximizing your resources, consider using heat mapping so you have another way of determining which parts of your website are most appealing. Heat mapping is excellent because not only does it offer an alternative to a heavily statistics-based reporting system found in companies, but it “visualizes” customer appeal - at least from a website perspective. Heat maps show which dead zones of your site don’t get clicks, how far audiences scroll, and which sections they click. This can help you strategically indicate where certain site elements such as calls to action are placed. Make use of live chat systems: If possible, try installing live chat to your website. This isn’t just something ecommerce sites should use, but preferably all websites as well. For instance, if you’re a restaurant, reservations can easily be accomplished by going through the process via chat services - especially via mobile devices - that is monitored by an employee. This is a low-cost option that can reap a lot of results. Utilize one-shot exit offers: It’s likely that a lot of visitors you have will probably leave your website and never return. But if this is the case, you may as well utilize all the tools you have in your disposal in order to convert them. Things such as popup exit offers can actually do a great job increasing conversion rates as some visitors can still be encouraged to convert even on the verge of exiting your site. Trust signals and testimonials work: If you’ve worked with quite a sizable number of industry partners and clients, consider asking them to make testimonials for you as this is a great way of building trust between you and prospective clients. Try to showcase awards, accreditations, and recognition from award-giving bodies so visitors can feel more comfortable with business. Split changes to test different pages: Sometimes, even the smallest changes can have the largest effects - and perhaps this is most noticeable in landing pages. If you plan on altering a design on your landing page, consider using tools that allow you to “split” landing pages into two to check which of the landing pages you have convert better. Sometimes, changing colors or texts of calls-to-action can create massive changes, so watch out for these.

The Bottomline: Generating Leads With Better SEO Offers

When you think of better lead generation strategies, chances are you’re likely going to think of ways as to just how exactly you can modify your SEO game. After all, everything’s almost related in the realm of digital marketing - and one fundamental yet positive change to one aspect can affect your entire campaign in totally different ways. Targeting improvements towards your SEO offers with the above tips can help greatly boost your opportunities to get more leads. A little patience, planning, and careful integration of the above tips with your own take on your SEO strategy can greatly improve the chances that your new offerings may make an impact to your overall lead generation.


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