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Does Domain Age Matter for Google Rankings in 2020?

Aug 09, 2018

If you are thinking that whether domain age matter for Google rankings then the answer to this simple question is a yes! No doubt that domain age is a vital SEO factor when it comes to Google ranking. It is the weighting factor which Google considers during the process of ranking. This term domain age does not refer to the point that for how long you have owned any given domain. Instead, it focuses on the notion that how much time has been passed that this domain name was indexed by Google. Now we have many domain age checker tools, SEO professionals are using it so that they can correctly reach to figures of domain age.

Why Companies Purchase Aged Domains?

To get an additional bit and mark of Google oomph, it is because of this element that most of the companies make a purchase of aged domains. It does not mean that if your domain got registered 10 years ago then Google will consider it 10 years older as well, this is not true!

If your bought domain has been registered for almost 10 years but there is no presence of actual site up on it found by Google, then that domain will be counted as the same kind of domain which you have bought yesterday.

Importance of Domain Age for Ranking in Google

We come across this common debate that how much is important domain age for your SEO and overall ranking in google. Testing is done by the SEO professionals and they have paint up a pretty clear picture. These professionals tell us that an older domain age usually competes and fights for rankings on a better note. Even Google has made a step forward so that we can be informed a little bit about this significance of domain age, here are these basics which you need to know:

Basics Forward by Google About Domain Age

It is through domain age that Google rankings are determined. They are an important part of your SEO. Google has suggested to use domain age checker tools so that clear results can be received.

It is according to Googles Matt Cutts that the difference right between a domain which is 6 months old and the domain which is 12 months old, it is very small.

When Google discover any site for the first time, that site gets significantly and clearly devalued in the first few months. It is a challenging task for new domains to rank well and better in the first few months and also to work on the competitive terms. Even few of the Seo professionals feel reluctant to work with latest and new domains.

What Matt Cutts says on domain age?

Below are few of the points which are elaborated by Matt about domain age:

There are handful number of people who insist on this fact that domain age does not matter. But Matt possesses a different view about this concept. He has clearly indicated that young domains will continue to struggle to get a high rank.

By keeping in mind all of the things vital for the SEO world, this domain age is only one of the many and many factors and not considered as the biggest factor for Google ranking. Instead according to experts on-page optimization as well as backlinks matter more. But neglect cannot be given to domain age factor at the same time.

No doubt that older domains will always have a little bit more edge over younger domains. As older domains have more backlinks and natural backlinks, that is why they carry this edge.

Myths about Domain Age

Google engineer and a spokesman, Matt Cutts, he dispels and reveals some of the myths about domain age. And he has positively throw a light about the usage of bulk age checker tools. He tries to keep the record straight and clearly explains the value about domain age which is essential to get a good amount of search engine rankings.

One of the popular belief regarding domain age is that older domains constantly do better in terms of search results and they are also given an extra favor because of their age. But the reality elaborated by Matt Cutts defines that older domains establish and earns a higher level of reliance than that of younger domains. Matt explained that this favor is given because younger domains are not mature and established enough.

Matt described that unique and high-quality content, the overall range and quantity of content, the presence of external back-links attached to your content are chief factors too to rank well.

The Arrival of Domain age checker tools

The arrival of bulk age checker tools, they have really sort out the confusions of people up to a greater extent. We know that the discussion about domain age, it has always been hotly debated since years. These tools have almost clarify our basics about this domain age concept. More hints about this concept are shared below:

When your site will get 2 to 3 months old then a little weight can be given to domain age. But when it comes to a new site, then domain age is a big factor for it. As a new site does not have a sufficient content on it and eventually for this reason, it becomes difficult for a new site to rank higher in the search index.

Once your site will pass few of the month’s times, then your site rankings will be based on the number of visitors and the amount of good content which you will put up on your site. And finally, the element of domain age will no longer be an important issue for you.