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Does Google prefer fast loading websites?

Does Google prefer fast loading websites?

March 03, 2016

I have a question for you! Will you prefer a fast loading site with almost the same content on another site that loads slow? Obviously Yes! Let me tell you once and for all, Google has lived its evolution age and now it’s getting sharper than ever, cleaner than ever and more sophisticated than one can ever think of. Google has around 200 or more signals that join together to make its algorithm. Website load speed is one of these signal. Though speed is just one of many ranking factors for any website still why would one ignore it. There is no reason, have you?

Google’s approach is realistic. This search engine has done everything it could. It’s digging the pears and bringing jewels in front of us. Now there is only suffocation for cheaters and spammers who want to deceive SE, means who want to deceive us. Top of it Google is highly concerned about user experience and this step proves it brightly.

It’s around a year now, when finally Google announced and confirmed page speed or website load time is officially included in Ranking Algorithms. Few of big names lost their ranking to some extent due to fraction of longer load time. Let’s have a look what Google team had to share with us:

So there is no U-turn from here for anyone who had been compromising on lack of anything. It’s quite clear that you have to improve site load speed to its best using all means. There are several miner things that unknowingly slow down your site and those must be dealt seriously. Few of them are as follows:


Images are one big and important part but these load slowly than all. Always optimize them as much as you can within limits till you can compromise.


Remove all unnecessary plugins. Remove incompatible or messed up plugins and widgets.


Your code should be cleaner and sharper. Bulky code would really be problematic.

Excess of Ads:

Ads slows down the speed remarkably. Use mini as well as fewer ads to favor load time.

Theme design:

You can come up with an outstanding theme design but don’t let this your website loading speed to halt. So, keep it limited and optimize accordingly.

External Media:

External Medias like audio, video embedded files are also one of the big causes of slow load speed. Embed these wisely and properly.

These are few of many factors. Be realistic and try to avoid each and every unnecessary wink that could be a cause of slowing down. Google is striving to bring those in front of us that are absolutely real and trust worthy. Those who respect their visitors and have taken care of every step that makes an internet user’s life more enjoyable than ever.