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Domain Authority VS Page Authority

Domain Authority VS Page Authority

February 29, 2016

If you are having a hard time to decide, which of these (DA/PA) you should focus more. Let me tell you the solution right away. Either you go with DA(Domain Authority) or PA(Page Authority) both will help as both of these are important basic packages of SEO and support each other. Furthermore, these are connected in a way that you strive for one and the other is influenced and improved automatically. So, before diving into a serious talk, let’s first try to understand each of these one by one.

Page Authority:

PA (Page Authority) is a term or a measurement introduced and developed by MOZ that forecasts ranking capability of a specific single page on different Search Engines especially on Google. Moz has set a 100 point scale for this. The higher number of points the higher is PA. You can check PA with our Page Authority Checker Tool.


  • Content on the page
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Page optimization
  • Content authorship

Domain Authority:

DA (Domain Authority) is the measurement of ranking capability of a whole domain including all sub-domains in contrast to PA on Search Engines. You can check DA with our Domain Authority Checker Tool.


  • Domain age
  • Volume of Site
  • Amount and quality of backlinks
  • Social signals

Search Engines are based on hundreds of different algorithms to measure and award rankings to websites. So among all of those DA and PA are only two important factors. For instance, when we start link-building for a specific page of our site, it impacts on PA which ultimately influences DA though not as much as if the main page could have and vice versa. So, sum of Page Authorities of many pages of a website eventually improves the Domain Authority. So, High DA is what you can achieve in a long run but in contrast High PA is achievable with cleverly focused SEO for specific page in a short period of time.

Let’s consider a scenario in the continuation of discussion where a page that has authority 75 but the domain authority is 15. Now you might have guessed the page is focused and SEOed heavily for some specific purpose. DA is still low due to this obvious reason. This is a clue to a non-established website. We can never find this situation within established websites. We usually experiment low PA and High DA in such websites. A base Page Authority is allocated to the pages that are newly created in websites having High DA. So, these arguments show both are interconnected and influence each other.

So in short both are essential parcels for a good standing of your whole website. The best way to boost both of DA and PA is to get best of the best backlinks for main as well as inner pages of your site as well as optimize every single page. Form a link juice within your website that correlates different areas of your site beautifully and enjoy a collective PA and DA increase. Another thing to consider is how Google depicts your visitors entering in your site. Your visitors can only hit your website’s internal pages directly if you have backlinks of internal pages that might be a big blow to PA as well as DA.