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Essential Tips on Building A Website from Scratch

September 25, 2019

Essential Tips on Building A Website from Scratch

Building a website from nothing is like doing any kind of project: it requires the right combination of planning, skills, time, and purpose to attain. Otherwise, you would be stuck in limbo or in an endeavor that will neither finish nor end. Luckily, building a website from scratch is not necessarily rocket science. The task itself can be tough and tedious depending on the complexity of the website you’re trying to build. Furthermore, there also isn’t a catastrophic consequence should you make an error on an early build. But like any good running project, building a website is best done with having enough preparation, as well as a complete view of what to expect from it before and after the operation. Your website design should be good. The color you select must be eye catching and user’s oriented. You can use various tricks to choose the web color that fits your web design.


Let’s take a look at essential tips you need to keep in mind when building a website from scratch:

Set Clear Goals

Do you have an idea what your website is about? Better yet, can you differentiate between a forum, a blog, and a “non-blogging” website in general?. If any of these remain a pressing question for you, it would be best that you identify first the purpose of you having a website and what it’s meant for. With this in mind, think of the following to come up with a definitive answer:


Are you trying to establish a brand? If so, by which means through a website? Are you trying to present yourself professionally or casually? Who is your target audience or market? How will your website ultimately look like in terms of design and functionality?


Choose a Good Host

Websites, in general, do not just go live on the internet—they must be hosted. Although there is such a thing as “free hosting,” often they come with a massive caveat. Specifically, there are limitations to free hosting, such as being restricted from a few perks and, most pressing enough, prevent you from monetizing your internet presence. If part of your reason for having a website live on the internet is to profit from it in the future, all the more reason you ought to have a premium host. However, it is worth noting that not all hosts are the same. Some are perkier than others and may entail some research that will suit your needs best, including the budget.

Come Up with a Memorable Domain Name


All websites are established by their domain name, which is essentially the URL that you see on any web browser. But, inasmuch as you would want your brand to stand out from the crowd, it must have a unique name to it. Coming up with a unique and catchy domain name may be more difficult nowadays given how many words in a dictionary have already been taken for any particular niche. But creativity still goes a long way if you have a thing about mish-mashing words that result in something new and unique.

Pick the Right Means to Build Your Website

Are you a programmer who is well-versed in web-developing programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc., or would you prefer something more all-in-one like a Content Management System platform? Whatever your preference is towards website-building, there is always more than a single way about it.

In the end, how intricate or not your website is will fall on your artistic quality and overall aptitude towards the craft. Interested in going in-depth with website-building? Then, follow this guide on how to create a website. But, of course, this is not to say that the task of website-building itself is not something you could delegate to a professional. However, going for this route is not necessarily a costless option, and neither is it going to be cheap.

Build Your Content

When establishing websites, content is always king and is a defining factor on how slow or fast you could establish your brand. If your primary purpose of building a website is to build authority in a particular niche or subject, all the more reason that your website’s content must be considered very carefully. The content on your site must be well drafted and unique. Must do a plagiarism check of all the web content you post on your site.

Keep SEO in Mind

There are millions, if not billions, of websites currently going live on the internet. With this myriad as your crowd, you would think it difficult to stand out. You are not necessarily wrong with the notion, but there is a way to circumvent the issue about online visibility in an arena where everybody competes just to be “seen” and establish a brand.

One most effective way of addressing this problem is by tapping on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is essentially you tinkering with your website’s setup with whichever search engine’s algorithm you have in mind. Typically, if it’s SEO, you would be taking the big ones in mind, like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

But in the off chance that your niche is on the sensitive side, which would require a more subtle approach of getting into, the search engine you'd need to be optimizing for would be something like DuckDuckGo.

Employ Multimedia

Whether it is music, videos, or photos, all of these media can add embellishment to any website or webpage. Not only are these fancy to look at and make everything around them relatively prettier, but they also serve a purpose in marketing, which you could employ to your advantage when it comes to branding. You must have a successful digital marketing plan of your site. Take videos, for example: they appear to be a growing trend recently, thanks to the abundance and affordability of high-quality cameras. More often than not, people are easily captivated by moving objects with accompanying sounds and music instead of static texts. It makes them an easy tool for disseminating information or entertainment to audiences.


The same is also true for high-quality or vivid images that have a way of piquing people's attention, relevant to the topic. The thing about adding images into your website is that sourcing them does not always have to come on your end. There are actually platforms where they are given freely, thereby without legal repercussions.

Final Word

Building a website from scratch does not have to be a difficult ordeal. By familiarizing yourself with the aforementioned points, it not only enables the process to become an easier feat, but it also raises the chances of your website becoming successful, too.