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Essential Ways to Improve Link Building In 2019

January 20, 2019

Link building is mandatory for website success and professional growth. Being connected to powerful influencers and well reputed websites should be the most important part of your priority list. Why is link building so important for websites to grow, get more business and improve the clientele. Websites that have a higher number of credible links do not come across any challenges for getting conversions. By using various free backlinks generation methods you can increase the backlinks of your site.  This is simply because customers have a positive impression about the brand in their minds. Link building is considered as a positive aspect by Google as well.  If your website is linked to high quality domains, it would be able to acquire a good SEO position in no time. It's important for you to provide comprhensive digital marketing training to all of your SEO professionals in order to make sure that they remain up to date with the modern methods of online marketing. This will surely helps to increase your link building capacity. 

Link building is not something that happens overnight and websites owners have to design a proper strategy for this purpose. To start with,, simply linking with any website would not help the reputation of the website. Getting connected to a well-established website would help you in growing. Similarly, a low standard website can eliminate the chances of having a good traffic rate. Hence, before you get connected to a website, analyse the reputation that it has. Does it have a lengthy list of satisfied customers? Has it grown positively?

The use of visual content in a productive way

Written text can cause boredom for the user even if he is an active reader. Thus, today, we see most websites using visual content so that the interest of the readers is not lost. However, website owners should be careful when they are selecting info graphics. Info graphics should not be used only because you want to stuff the website with perfect images. Images, videos and other visual content options should only be used when the need is there. Visual content should be used according to the business need of the brand. If you think that a particular image or video does not have to be used. Thus, before you select visual content for link building, ensure that the need is there.

Visual content should always be presented in a creative manner so that customers develop the pinch to click the link to your website. One of the best forms of visual content is the product graph. If customers see that your product is climbing the ladders of success, they would visit your website to gain more information as the interest would be developed.


Using quality content with time restriction

If your website has content with time limitations, it would have both pros and cons. It is obvious that after the mentioned time has passed, the content would be of no use. However, people do search for content with time restrictions. Thus, till the content timeline is valid, it would obviously be a good source for link building purposes. An example of time restricted content would provide better understanding.

Consider that you have to generate content about the top smart phones. How can you use a better heading to gain link building options? This question has a very simple answer. For instance, you can build the title” best smart phones for 2018” for your content. This would obviously gather more attention as readers who would know about the best smartphones for 2018 would type the complete phrase in the search box. This would help in in better link building as more traffic would be guided to your website. Plagiarism free content is important to deliver quality.

Having authoritative links is very important as it convinces the user that your website is credible and trustworthy in every manner. If you have links from high standard websites like Yelp and Yahoo, you can expect the link building process to pay off. On the other hand, if you have links from websites that do not have a positive reputation, traffic would not land on your website.

Getting connected through guest article submission

Do you know that most reputed websites have a guest blog submission option? This feature pays off well if you are looking for link building options. These websites have an already established reputation so customers view blogs published on them without having any doubt in mind. Now, if you have written a blog and published on that website, people would read it and click the link to your website. However, a valid company website link should be provided. A broken link or unresponsive page can put all the hard work down the drain. Thus, before you put in your link, check it and ensure that it is working.

The quality of guest blogs cannot be compromised. The problem is that most content developers do not fulfil this requirement. The content that they publish on other websites for link building is overly promotional. This is where things start going wrong. Guest blogs are not submitted for pure marketing purposes only. If a blog does not have readability, it would be hard to establish links as the related website would not publish your blog. Thus, while writing the blog, make sure that quality is not compromised in any manner.

Using local business citations is integral

People usually prefer products and services located in their area or near to where they are situated. Local SEO is important. This requirement is also incorporated in their searches. For instance, if someone is looking for cooking services in Texas, he would type “quality cooking services in Texas” instead of “best cooking services in US”. If your web content for a particular page or the blog post has a location specific headline, it would be much easier to establish links.

Be absolutely sure about websites selected for links

If you think that simply stuffing your website with links would prove to be beneficial, this perception has to be corrected. Quality is absolutely important and this point has to be understood. Have a detailed look at what the website has been doing and the kind of reputation it has.

For link building, websites like Yelp and Google are counted among the most reliable options. These websites have a global reputation so when you link to them, the reputation of your own website would grow. How does link building actually benefit a growing website? To start with, as you are connecting with a prestigious website, people start trusting you more and relying on what your website offers.

Search engines show several websites that nothing but pure spam. If you establish a link with them, your own website would be counted as illegitimate so being watchful is important. When you are considering websites for link building, glance at the reputation which a particular website has. How long has it been there? For instance, some websites claim to be there for several years even when they have been created few weeks ago. These aspects need to be checked by website owners. The goal is that you should be connected to quality websites and not spams. Reputed websites can surely help your own website in growing and getting more customers. On the other hand, substandard websites can cause a major decline.

Get traffic through social media websites

If you are a brand owner looking to establish a place in the market, being active on social media would actually help you a lot. One of the prime reasons for this is that people are active on social media. Whether it is entertainment or making online purchases, being active on social media helps a lot. Along with that, it is an amazing option to increase traffic count.  Social media plays a vital role to build links towards your site.

When you are creating posts for social media purposes, do not use the conventional theoretical writing approach. The important aspect is getting audience attention. If the post you have created is not catchy or unique, it would be very hard to get public attention. Double check the facts that you have included. The misuse or exaggeration of information can result in permanent loss of trust. For instance, if you are mentioning that you revise your product line after every six months, the information should be correct. If visitors feel that the information has been exaggerated, they would skip your website. Along with that, people would build the opinion that your website has legitimacy problems. Thus, include core facts that are completely true.

A conversational tone in social media posts makes a huge difference. For instance, if you jump to the features of your product in the beginning of the post, it may prevent the user from reading further.