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How Can Google Ads Boost Your SEO Efforts?

February 15, 2019

Search engine optimization or SEO is the technique of increasing traffic to a particular website by ensuring that the website ranks high in search engines. Sites particularly target the top spots in the results of search engines to attract more viewership, since search engines such as Google serve as the go-to websites for answering queries, searching for academic journals, and browsing technical how-tos.

This provides an opportunity for sites and blogs to amplify further their leads by maximizing what search engines have to offer. On the other hand, Google also keeps up to this online trend. The company now has a Google Ads pay-per-click or PPC feature where users pay a certain amount to Google to boost the viewership of sites when netizens search using keywords with the help of Google.

While SEO can already stand on its own, Google provides opportunities using Google Ads to attract more viewers to your site, if the latter is used intelligently. For you to better understand the complement being offered by Google Ads, here are some points that can convince you to pursue Google Ads:

1. PPC gives Google an idea about the keywords relevant to your content

For your website to employ SEO and be on the top list of results in the search engine you must work hard. It means that you’ve successfully achieved the objective of using SEO. However, for those websites that still aspire to reach a wider audience, the PPC feature of Google Ads can be of help.

If you’re going to search a keyword in Google, you’ll notice that some of the top results have the tag Ad on them. This scenario means that the developers of these websites availed the Google Ads feature. This outcome is what every operator wants -- to be the first website visible on the top list of results in Google. This opportunity gives the site a higher chance of increased viewership. Some websites offer free Google Ads audit which checks how efficient the use of the platform is in increasing clicks to the page, vis-a-vis the costs they incur per click.

Availing of the Google Ad feature will provide a signal to Google on the keywords related to your content. Take note that the Google Ad does not automatically drive traffic to your site. Instead, what it does is allowing the website developers to signal keywords to the operators of the search engine for the latter to easily target a demographic of the audience when they search a keyword of your choice. This will provide them the thinking that a particular site that applied for an ads feature is related to a certain keyword.

Google Ads, meanwhile, must be used wisely and complementary with SEO. Keep in mind that no matter how much you pay to Google, but your content has no important and interesting information that is related to the searches of the audience or will make them browse your site further, your efforts will still be futile. To fully maximize Google Ads, your content must be encouraging enough for your target viewers to log on to your website regularly and productively stay on your website to read.

2. Zoom in to your target audience

Google Ads is particular to the demographics of the audience that you want to tap -- the same way your website caters to a specific target market. With the help of Google Ads, the link to your site can be featured alongside top search results that can be viewed by a particular group of people who are searching using a specific set of keywords in a location.

Furthermore, this feature also allows advertisers to narrow down their appearance depending on the device where Google is accessed. If your product is all about mobile application, you may opt your ad to pop up only on mobile users’ SERP. This way, Google does not just run your ads, but it also makes your advertising costs lower.

Be reminded that Google Ads will place you in the rank depending on the keywords that your audience will try to input; therefore, you must configure wisely the tactical demographics based on the outcomes of the keywords. Without the utilization of this feature, your ad will only be a shot-in-the-dark, therefore costing you more than the benefit you can get.

3. Faster traffic through Google Ads

SEO efforts can be made organically, that is, ensuring that your content is the most relevant of all the search results. However, this process can take months to attract the wave of the audience that you want to pour into your website. Only imagine the duration of continuously developing written content and experimenting on whether these write-ups will earn the site the top spot in the search results. This is when Google Ads come into play.

After setting up your preferences in Google Ads and after improving your SEO efforts, your website has a higher chances of being in the top list of searches depending on the relevance of your website to the keywords. This can enable the viewers to see the link to your site in the first page of search results after you subscribe to Google Ads. If yours is a website that already has significant and eye-catching content, using the PPC feature of Google will give you an estimate on how much you should push further in improving your content to be deserving of the top spot.

Google Ads can also present a quantitative data of how many viewers go to your website through the ads that you are posting. These data can help you see and calculate which keywords drive more traffic and which can be more optimized in your paid ads in Google.

4. Google Ads can show your products

In the search results in Google, organic websites with the highest rank concerning relevance are featured only with their links, the titles of their sites, and the related content that reflects the keywords. This can be very limiting for your audience, especially if your website is an online shop or a service provider. With the enhancement provided by Google Ads, the viewers will not only be able to read the link to your website and its details, but they can also visualize the product or service you are offering.

This feature can be very beneficial to those websites that sell products and services. To illustrate, suppose that the users are searching for a general term or industry in which your product belongs. With the use of Google Ads, the first results will feature, not only your link but also photos and details of the product you are selling. The information can vary depending on your taste; it can include the price, the manufacturer, the extra charges such as shipping fees that come with the item, users’ ratings, and the amount left in your shelves.

The photos are placed beside the links to your website, which can complement the limited information that the search result offers. Likewise, in just a click of a button, whether the viewers are only curious that they zoom in to the photos of the goods, they will be instantly directed to your website, hence increasing the viewership of your site.

5. Customization of how your ad will look like

Different websites call for diverse forms of messaging since they offer various services, products, and content. However, regardless of the category to where your site belongs, Google Ads can allow you to make viewers see what you are offering and how they can avail of it through your ads. Take into consideration Google’s capability to present almost anything in any form.

In addition to the photos featured in the top ranks of the search results, you can also explore being in the top lists in Google Maps. Usually, organic websites appear to be in the top results in maps if, first, they provide the most relevant content to the keywords, or, they are located at the nearest spot to where the user is. Google Ads breaks through these barriers as it can put you in the results despite your store’s proximity to the one searching, given that your website has a relevant and interesting content to the keyword entered by the user.

Furthermore, you must also be wary that the top spot in search results get the most viewership. The second site in the search results gets only a meager percentage of the audience that the one in top spot has successfully attracted. Some websites have already found a solution to this competition by developing content that will make them earn the top spot. And for them, this is not yet enough. They find ways to get the three top placements, plus a place in featured products, all thanks to Google Ads.

A website developer and advertiser like you can also learn about earning multiple spots in the SERP to get the most number of audience. Sometimes, what websites do is that they split their paid content into various featured links so that when a specific phrase or brand name is keyed in, all their links that contain or are related to the keyword will appear in the top results. And no matter which the viewers click, all those links lead the audience to the same website, thus earning them more viewership.

The Results

The traditional SEO can be fruitful yet very technical; it may require one to painstakingly enhance their creativity to earn the most relevance of all search results. However, with the advancement that Google has accomplished over the years, the laborious method of finding ways in increasing viewership can now be done with ease. While SEO has already established itself as a useful technique to spike up the number of audiences, one can only imagine what more Google Ads can do to boost up the results of the prior efforts.