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Google Indexing Tool; How It Helps To Instantly Rank Webpages

October 22, 2018

In the language of a layman, indexing is a procedure of adding pages of a website into Google search. Depending on the use of Meta tag (no-index or index), Google crawls and index any website pages. A page with no-index tag shows that a page will not be a part of the search index. Every WordPress page and post is indexed by default. You can use website index checker tools to evaluate the actual indexing level of your site.

The whole procedure starts with crawling when search engines (Google) visits your site for tracking. This procedure involves spider crawler. After crawling, the outcomes are placed on Google’s index (web search).

Meaning of Crawling and Indexing in SEO World

The indexing starts with crawling. Crawling means following one path. In the world of SEO, it means crawling around a website and following website links. When bots visit a page, they also follow other linked pages on this website. For this reason, a sitemap is necessary for a website optimization. It contains all links in a blog and bots of Google use them to explore your website deeply. A web robot, web spider or web crawler is an automated script or program that be World Wide Web in an automated and methodical manner.

Web crawlers or bots are used to generate a copy of visited pages for future processing by search engines. These search engines are responsible for indexing downloaded pages to facilitate fast searches. Crawlers can perform maintenance tasks on a site, such as validating HTML code and checking links. Sometimes, these are used to get particular information from a website, such as email addresses for spam.

Crawling to Find Information

Google depends on web crawlers to discover web pages for the public. These crawlers look at follow links and web pages. It is similar to browsing desired content on a site. They visit every link and bring data about new web pages back to servers of Google.

Indexing to Organize Information

Once web crawlers find web pages, Google renders the content. They notice important  keywords and fresh content of the website to track it in the search index. The search index of Google contains billions of pages that are more than 100,000,000 gigabytes in size. It is similar to an index in the back of one book. All new entries increase the word count after their indexing.

How does Google indexing tool help you?

Without crawling and indexing, your website can’t produce organic traffic and conversions. With the help of Google indexing tool, you can get the attention of search engines for your site. Just like physical books are registered and stored in libraries, blogs and web pages are registered in online libraries. The registration of a blog or webpage is known as indexing. You can speed up indexing procedure with the help of Google indexing tool. With the help of Google indexing tool, you can increase the speed of each query. This tool can help you in the promotion of this content. Keep it in mind that indexing and crawling is a consistent procedure. The web is changing and growing, so Google bot doesn’t get a chance to take rest. These bots may take more to discover and evaluate new websites.

A study revealed that both Yahoo and Google need more than 1300 minutes to crawl one site without a sitemap. A site with a well-designed sitemap can easily grab the attention of bots. The spiders take only 14 minutes to crawl and index your website. An indexing tool can index your website on different directors by inviting Google spiders to your site. If you want to increase organic traffic on your website, you have to provide quality content. Google always tries to give something new and useful to its readers. With quality content, you can quickly get a higher rank. An indexing tool can help you in branding and SEO ranking. Once you enter the URL of your website in an indexing tool, the Google will easily locate this site and evaluate its content. With high-quality and relevant content, it will be easy for you to earn high ranks.

Tricks to Speed up Indexing Your Website

With the help of Google indexing tool, you can grab the attention of Google crawlers. This tool can speed up indexing of your website, but here are some tricks that can increase the benefits of indexing:

Keep it in mind that the algorithm of Google needs quality content. With high-quality content, you will get a chance to generate and share inbound links to increase the authority of your website. As a result, you will be able to obtain maximum organic traffic for your site. Submit a sitemap to search console of Google. A sitemap can make it easy for Google to crawl and index your site. Create a website and blog and update your blog on a regular basis. It is a way to increase the authority of your site and speed up indexing. Focus on the RSS feed of your website. You have to create it once, and it will be updated automatically. It is an easy way to inform search engines that you have fresh content on your website that needs attention. Must use plagiarism checker to evaluate content. Moreover, share your web pages on social media. Install Google analytics to speed up indexing procedure.  It is an excellent way to track critical advertising metrics.


Speed up Indexing with Google Indexing Tools

It takes several days or months for search engines to index new content. Indexing relies on different factors, such as the age of domain (new sites may take more time to index), site authority of current website and quality of content. The inbound links on your website can affect its authority. The authority of inbound links can influence the amount of traffic on your site. With the use of Google indexing tool, you can speed up the indexing procedure of your site.