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Google New Provisions for a News Website Optimization; Important Takeaways

Google New Provisions for a News Website Optimization; Important Takeaways

September 10, 2018

There is no denying the fact that SEO plays a vital role in optimizing the overall online positioning of your business products and services. With time to time Google ask SEO professionals to do certain things that can help them to improve their online product placing and services enhancements. For a news oriented website, search engine optimization plays a critical role to amplify the online user’s acceptance and viewership. The essential thing is to have a team of SEO professionals that can work for you on continuous basis in order to deliver the exceptional online favorable results.  There are various factors that work altogether in SEO to deliver the quality results to maximize SEO Score. Consistency is the key when you start working on SEO for a website.

“No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.” — Neil Patel

What Google Wants From Your Side

You have to take Google as a human. It only rank that content which is well crafted and easy to understand for the online viewers. It has implemented advanced quality artificial intelligence mechanisms to judge the quality and acceptability of the content. This remains as the same when it comes to news oriented websites. Google always love to rank the news related articles which are widely accepted and heavily searched according to the niche of the topics. Although the nature of any news websites is pretty much different as compared to other websites but the rules of optimization will be the same for the professionals to follow.

“Google doesn’t allow plagiarized content; infect it penalized the site who published unworthy content”

Gone are the days when keyword stuffing and rewriting/ publishing of same kind of content can work to optimize a site in a better way. Google wants you to realize the importance of ethical/ white hat search engine optimization to achieve the expected level of optimization results. There are various tools available out there that can help you to rectify the problems occurs during the publication of News related topics on your site. Online plagiarism checker tool could be so helpful while editing and publishing of a specific news on your portal.  The nature of your site is also a critical factor to keep in mind while starting the optimization work. Domain age is also a critical factor to look upon.

The Site Structure

Google ask you to firmly streamline the structure of your site that is perfectly feasible for a news platform.  Put some important categories on your site that specifically deliver the best eye catching view to any individual online viewer who came to visit the site on regular basis for  news, publications and other related niches. The best favorable structure for a news oriented websites is as follows. A good site structure can increase your SEO Score. 

  • Evaluate the categories you want to publish
  • Insert sub categories and tags to your site
  • Assigned Sequence to the each group of news articles
  • Remove/ clear outdated content with time to time

Instant Upgradation

Well, the primary objective for you will be to write/edit and share the news with the world just as it comes.  You have to be really consistent in your approach. Your customer wants instant upgradation of the news and will positively encourage other to follow the news on your site if you consistently post the great work and timely news that entices to the audience. Don’t copy the news from any other available platform; otherwise google will penalize you for doing that.

News SEO is Different from an E-Commerce Site

Yes, the search engine optimization for a News website is clearly different from an E-Commerce website. Don’t implement the same kind of optimization strategy for a News oriented website that you might have implemented for the SEO of an E-Commerce website. Develop your own way to boost the organic traffic on your news website. Implement an impeccable social media sharing strategy to share your work with the outside world. Grow the strength of your social media viewers with time to time. The more you will have the likes the better you get the response. Google also positively recommend these sites that are widely accepted by the social media viewers.

Use Instant Articles as a Moderator

Facebook is the rapidly growing social media platform that is used by the millions of individuals across the globe. Its Instant article sharing option can really do wonders for your news website.  It’s a perfect click and open option delivered by the Facebook for their users to perfectly reach millions of audience using Facebook on regular daily basis. Use it as a moderator to flourish your business within no space of time. You will surely love that. Instant article is an indirect approach to really amplify the news your share with outside world.

The Diversification Impact

Google loves diversification in sharing the content. Don’t write/edit and publish the news related to same topics again and again. Your news website should be for all and must include the topics that every particular individual belongs to any age group loves to read with time to time.  Similarity in posting of content will reduce the overall attraction of your visitors. Don’t implement the same strategy of sharing the same content again and again. Be creative in your work to deliver the new user’s accepted news.

Acceleration in your QA

Yes, Google really appreciate quality assurance and compatibility levels of your website with the available platforms and devices. Quality assurance is an indispensable factor to cope with the future vulnerabilities that can affect the quality of a website in a longer run.  News websites should have to be tested out on continuous basis through its performance capabilities and measurements.  A responsive news website is the key to attract millions of customers who use smartphones for getting the necessary information on daily basis. Each of your post should be optimized as per the accelerated mobile page rules. It’s a key factor that you should have to work on.