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Google Search Console as a Powerful SEO Tool

Google Search Console as a Powerful SEO Tool

June 19, 2016

Google Search Console is mentioned to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to the category of the SEO. If we define the term Google Search Console then we would say it as the free service that has been provided by the Google to manage your website’s search functionality. The search console is often taken to be the main collection of reports as well as tools that will assist you in order to rectify errors as well as strategize and optimize your search engine rankings. Do you want to know that how you can make the use of this brilliant and powerful tool to improve your SEO.

Use of Search Appearance:

This search appearance portion will be helping you at the best in order to visualize what your website would look like when it comes to the search results. You should be careful in the section that there are many codes that play an important role in order to make your website stand out and impressive. Some of the most common codes are rich cards along with various types of the framework.

Structured Data:

It is to be mentioned that structured date is usually present in the form of rich snippets. They are helpful enough in order to mark up the content so that the Google would be able to index page in a better way. Google make the use of it to serve up “rich” results. These rich results will be helping you alot in bringing the greater sum of traffic straight away on your website or blog.

Use of Rich Cards:

Rich cards have been introduced just as newly inside the Google. They are working with the same features as the Structured Data. Visually they give out a very appealing view. In the use of the rich cards the Google will be permitting the users in order to deploy rich cards for Recipes and Movies.

What Is Data Highlighter?

The Data Highlighter is mentioned out to be one of the finest substitute for Structured Data. Right inside this section you do not have to take the help of any developer to write the code snippets in your HTML. The only best thing about this tool is that it would be marking up with the same content that Structured Data does.

Improving The HTML

HTML improvements is named up to be the report that is unveiling any kind of the problem which the Google would discover while indexing your site.  It is very much simple to use. It would just be involved in fixing up the problems which your Google would be reporting within it.

All About Use of Sitelinks:

Sitelinks are hence generated by the way of Google. You do not have any option in terms of changing them. This is because of the reason that Google uses its algorithm to decide when and how to display them. Although you would not be able to set the sitelinks but still you would be left with some option where you can add and bring some improvements in it. If you want to add the sitelinks in your URL then you should make sure that you do add the website with the coverage of some useful and effective content. if you want to verify back links from specifc websites, you can use our varify backlinks tool

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

AMP is hence a new addition to GSC. It is mainly known out to be the technique that would allow the developers to build fast-loading HTML as well as JS pages. This tool is all relying upon the open source specifications. The main purpose of this AMP is that it would be assisting you to render quickly on mobile devices. Google introduce the concept of the AMP HTML in order to help out the website owners to remove any pages loading.

Well we hope that through this piece of article you must have learn enough informative facts behind the Google Search Console as being one of the powerful SEO tool! In order to increase your webpage ranking in SEO make sure that you do make the use of this GSC toolkit!

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