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Google Webmaster Tool vs Bing Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool vs Bing Webmaster Tool

January 28, 2016

The website owner or blog owner who are keen about SEO of their websites must be aware about the importance of using Webmaster tool. There are several options available but good thing is that best two webmaster tools are free to use i.e. Google Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tool. You can use either of these or you are free to use both as well.

What is Webmaster Tool?

Webmaster tool is basically a tool kit for website owners. It helps them make their websites better, user friendly and search engine friendly. Hence webmaster tool helps you in making your visibility better so you may get more traffic and more business as a result. Here you see how your website is shown in search results, how many links are pointing towa

rds your website, how many broken links you have on your website, are there any crawling errors, is there any malware hidden in the script of your website, how many links are indexed by search engine, keyword ranking and much more. So if you want to get all such information about your website then you are strongly recommended to use Webmaster tool.

Coming to the Point

Here, as the title tells , we want to compare both the top webmaster tools i.e. Bing Webmaster tool and Google Webmaster tool. But our discussion will be more like comparison as we will try to prove which one is better. There are different ways to compare the two. We can either discuss a single feature and then we can compare both or we can tell all the features of one and then second and let you decide which one is better.

I would prefer the second way as in that way you will be the judge and you can decide yourself which one is better. So let’s discuss Google Webmaster tool first.

User Friendly Google Webmaster Tool

Google is no doubt the king of World Wide Web and it kept this sovereignty by providing quality user friendly products and by introducing new trends to keep the interest of people alive. Google Webmaster tool is again a very handy and user friendly product by Google Inc. In Google webmaster tool you can see the total pages index as compared to the total number of pages your sitemap showing. You get notification about broken scripts, error or malwares found in your script. It tells how your website look to the crawler so you may make it better for crawler and hence you can get better visibility of your website in order to get higher rank in SERP. It helps you in fixing the issues as well in very easy way. Here you are also provided the support in the form of examples, forums and help guide. Setup of Google Webmaster tool is very easy and can be done in just a couple of minutes.

Bing Webmaster Tool for Best SEO Analysis

Bing Webmaster tool is a bit tricky one as compared to Google webmaster tool. But here you get wider set of tools with more detailed information. It provides you reports, guides and suggestions as well about issues, content, SEO deficiencies, links and bugs. Like if you forgot to put some meta tags or alt text even in some image, you will be notified about that too. Like Google webmaster tool, it also tells about back links but it goes little beyond and gives a little detailed report of every link pointing towards your website. It also provides support and guide but there’s not discussion forum here. In the Bing Webmaster tool you get information about all the keywords and their ranks and suggestions as well that how you can improve your ranking. It helps great in making your website user friendly.

It’s Time for Conclusion

According to me both the webmaster tools i.e. Bing Webmaster tool and Google Webmaster tool, are good. Google is very easy to use while Bing though a little tricky one but provides you very detailed SEO Analysis of your website to make it more visible in search. If you want to stand out among your competitors, you are recommended to use both and use them regularly to improve your search ranking and to excel in SEO.