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How to Grab the Attention of website Audience

How to Grab the Attention of website Audience

March 31, 2018

Getting the attention is an important part of any speech or presentation. But keeping audience attention is harder and difficult than it. When starts a speech, we have almost 60-120 seconds to capture our audience’s attention and motivate them to listen.

The Following are techniques that will help to grab the attention of your audience.

Start with a Surprise

Surprise: First of all surprise them. Say or do something that is shocking to your audience. Start with the unexpected thing to capture the attention of your audience. According to the surveys 30% of the users left article after just reading first paragraph.

Make it about them

Now you get the attention of the audience with a majestic start. Talk about their goals, future plans. Tell them an interesting story that is relevant to your story. Or ask for your audience to a game, solve a puzzle or perform an exercise.

Cicero One of the great Speaker in world said

"Tickling and soothing anxieties is the test of a speaker's impact and technique."

Inject a humor

People enjoy seeing the presenter as a relatable human. Tell them a joke that you feel comfortable relaying. A good joke captures the audience’s attention and makes them happy. A joke can work against you if it appears as if you are trying too hard.

Use Powerful Quotes

The quote must have meaning and relevance to that audience to whom you are addressing. Use quotes to support your message. Do not throw out quotes that are not relevant. And whenever you add a quote to your content always link to the author of the quote. You can check it by using plagiarism finder.

Facial Expressions

Make sure your words match with your facial expressions. If you are telling a sad story or a bad news, smile will not correspond with your message. Practice your speech in the front of a mirror to work out the body language kinks.

Know your audience

If you are going to make a speech or presentation, it is a good idea to know your listeners. if your audience feels manipulated and your approach getting these tactics has lost relevance than you will lose their attention and trust.