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Guest Blogging - What to Check Before You Start

Mar 16, 2019

Google has its own standards for rating a website. If you have an online brand, the status of your website would decide your brand.  Websites that are ranked low do not attain that much success because the number of customer views is less. Let us go through a proper example to gain an insight. When you search for something on the internet, there are several links that offer content according to your needs. However, there would be only few links on the first page of Google results. These websites would get more exposure and visitors than the other links. In other words, website owners should strive towards getting a better SEO rank to get better business results and more customers. Every reputed guest blogging service can assist you with highest SEO positions. Guest blogging activity is a backlink builder activity that allow websites owners to get more backlinks for their site.

Relationship between Guest Blogging and SEO ranks

Why do some websites get a good rank and the others fail to do so? There is a strict competition between the brands offering similar products. A particular website that has quality backlinks grows at a faster pace than the ones which do not have these links. Acquiring backlinks is a proper process for can use various methods including submission of guest blogs. When you sell a guest blog, you would be providing quality information to an already established website. In return, the customers visiting that established website would visit your link. In this way, you would get quality backlinks. Having links with a professional and reputed websites helps a new website grow quickly. This is much easier than waiting for a long span and gradually building a clientele.

Submission in  a related category

When you visit a supermarket, you would see that each item is placed in its own individual category. For instance, tomatoes would not be placed with potatoes. Same is the case when a guest blog is being submitted. Study the website properly before you publish a blog on it. The information should be related to what the website offers. Consider an example.

If you have to submit a blog on a digital marketing website, it should highlight related concepts. Your blog should not be on human resource management or any unrelated topic as this would confuse the reader. The more guest post submission you will get the better SEO Score you will achieve.

It is essential to get a feel of the website on which the blog has to be submitted. Know more about its products, services, potential buyers and other areas. This would help you in drafting a blog according to audience interests. Some blog writers are more interested in completing the word count only. This is a negative aspect. A true reader would see unique content and not go through several pages. Make sure that your blog has interesting points and catchy statements.

Guest blog is not a sales copy

A high percentage of guest blogs have the same mistake. Brand owners turn it into a sales copy by making detailed claims about how good their product line is. This can irritate the customer in quick time as such content does not have any readability. Creating readability is the basic requirement of a quality blog. The goal is to keep the reader interested in what you have written.

For a high standard blog, you should have enough relevant points. At times, when you start writing the blog before having sufficient number of points, you may run out of ideas. A blog should start with a catchy phrase. Most readers go through the first line and take a decision right then about whether they want to continue reading the remaining content or not. Hence, if you are starting with a boring conventional one liner, do not expect very positive results.

Checking the rank of the corresponding website

Should you submit a blog on any website that is prepared to buy one? This is certainly not the case. Positive backlinks can help your website in growing. Similarly, negative backlinks can bring down curtains even before the website starts progressing. You need to check the following aspects to have a trouble free ride.What is the SEO rank of the website to which the blog is being sold? The best websites get ranked on the first page and preferably among the top few ranks. Do not randomly opt for a website with an interactive interface but low SEO rank.

Are all the pages of the corresponding website indexed?

This is surely a very important angle. Google crawlers store all pages of a website and add them to the central repository of the search engine. Always remember that a page would only be visible to the user if it has been indexed. At times, only the home page of a website is indexed so all the other pages cannot be viewed. You can draw the conclusion that such websites would have negligible traffic. To get desired expected results. You can use google index tool to effectively index your guest post.

Checking the indexing status of a website is not a hard nut to crack. Through reputed Google tools, you can check the status of each and every page. Do not make the mistake of connecting with a website until you have confirmed the indexing status.

Summing It Up

Submission of a guest blog is a very productive way to get traffic, increase customer count as well as establish the overall brand image. The eventual goal can only be accomplished if you are using correct tactics and practices. You need to be well aware of the domain on which the blog has to be written. For example, if the blog has to be written on software development, you should know about the programming services that the company offers.

At times, the content of a blog is published without any grammatical check. This can create a lot of problem because a serious reader checks each and everything. A blog with grammatical issues makes the reader feel that the content has not been written by a professional blog writer.