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How an SEO Consulting Agency Can Help Your In-House Team

May 06, 2019

SEO is the short term for Search Engine Optimization, which is the technique used by digital marketers to help websites reach the top page landings or search results in search engines. SEO is a technique that is learned, unlearned, and re-learned, because of how digital marketing trends evolve at such a fast pace. Hence, if you are one of those businesses or companies that have a website to promote your products and services, you will most likely have an in-house team of SEO experts with you.

Despite having this in-house team, however, experts suggest that taking in the services, once in a while, of SEO consulting agencies can be to your advantage. Here’s how:


SEO consulting agencies have a long history of expertise

SEO consulting and optimization by Impressive Digital, for example, work as such because they have years of experience on their plate. Long before SEO became popular and in-demand, these agencies have already been practicing the same to help websites rank top pages. Even if you have an in-house team, you should still hire an SEO consulting agency once in a while to help you out. When you consult with these agencies, they can provide periodic up-to-date training with your team to achieve the following results:

To check if your SEO in-house team is still performing well enough To update your SEO team with current trends and techniques in this aspect of digital marketing


Because SEO consulting agencies are not tied up with just one company, they have more freedom and leeway to attend independent training and seminars to improve their craft. When you partake of their consulting services, they can share and impart whatever they have learned from these events that your team hasn’t encountered.

SEO consulting agencies can provide you with better results

Yes, of course, your in-house team of SEO experts can do an excellent job; that’s precisely why you have hired them. However, because of the workload that they have with your company, they may not be able to attend forums, seminars, and other training to learn and unlearn skills. Who knows, your team may still be stuck with SEO techniques that are no longer applicable today.

As mentioned above, SEO consulting agencies have more time and freedom to update their skills, because they are not tied up to a company. Hence, when you consult with these agencies from time to time, you will see better results in the content of your website. Remember that for you to reach the top search results, you need to have excellent content. Plus, they can provide you with websites and software to help you achieve better website content. Although consulting from time to time with an agency will cost extra money, all this additional expense will be worth all the results you will enjoy.

SEO consulting agencies have access to specialists

SEO consulting agencies have more access to specialists than you do. This is simply because it also isn’t practical for you to hold on to an SEO specialist on an in-house basis when you do not need one all the time. You will only need these specialists from time to time as consultants to your company. Hence, you should take advantage of the specialists that SEO consulting agencies have access to. These specialist can help In house team to improve SEO score of their company’s site.


When it comes to digital marketing, you do not become a master over time. The techniques with SEO is something that you will have to spend time and experience to master the same. When you work with digital agency you have access to experts for lesser the cost without having to keep one on an in-house basis.

SEO consulting agencies may have experts in your niche

When you work with SEO consulting agencies, you also have access to experts in your niche. Your needs as a company may be different from others, depending on the type of products and services that you offer. The great thing about having a consulting agency come and check up on your team once in a while is that you can ask the consulting agency to provide an expert on your niche.

For example, if your products focus on baby products and toys, there might be techniques in search engine optimization, or new trends in the use of keywords, that make it more useful for you to reach out to parents or families with infants. The more experience that the expert has on your niche, the more effective they can be when teaching your in-house team. It comes in highly recommended to hire the services of these experts at least once every quarter of the year.

SEO consulting agencies can give you higher accountability

Engaging in the services of SEO consulting agencies would mean that you are hiring them on a retainer basis. For example, you agree to retain the same consulting agency to help out your in-house team for two years, quarterly. However, to continue taking in their services, they also have to perform well for your company and your organization continuously. These agencies have skilled SEO professionals. They use result oriented online SEO tools like Plagiarism checker and grammar checker to maintain the quality of SEO content.

In this manner, SEO consulting agencies can give you a higher sense of accountability. These agencies are aware that they need you to retain them since they are not employed on a fixed basis. Hence, they push themselves to perform even better, such that they will always have a steady following of clients. Without you, and their other clients, they will not survive as agencies, and if they do not hold themselves accountable to you, you will not continue hiring them as well.

SEO consulting agencies can take away the problem of hiring and training off your shoulders

You will consistently need to hire and train your in-house team of SEO experts. Although you can attend the seminars by yourself, remember that you are not an expert in this field. No matter how many workshops and training programs you participate in, you will still not be at par with the experts from SEO consulting agencies. With this, it is always best for you to leave the hiring and training of your workforce to the specialists from the SEO consulting agencies rather than doing it yourself.


Additionally, when you let these SEO consulting agencies do it for you, you are taking off a heavy workload from your shoulders, where you are also better assured that the training is done correctly by an expert rather than by you alone.

SEO consulting agencies working with your in-house team is the ideal approach

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to creating a team of SEO experts is whether you should go for consulting agencies, or if you should have your in-house team. Ideally, you should have a balance of both. Your in-house teams of experts know the insider tips, tricks, and techniques of the company’s niche based on your particular needs. However, this needs to be coupled with the ever-changing methods in SEO, which are learned by these agencies.

To thrive in the world of digital marketing, you should strive to make it to the top or to be at par with other competitive websites. Hence, even if it will cost you more to have consulting agencies work with your team, the positive results that you can gain out of doing the same will always be worth the expense. There is no substitute for increased traffic to your site, and proper and up-to-date SEO techniques are the way to achieve this.

SEO consulting agencies have a vast network in the digital marketing world

For you to be competitive enough, it is also to your advantage if you have access to a vast network of resources. Sometimes, it is not a matter of how much you know, but who and what you know. In the upkeep and maintenance of your website, the content is not the only thing that you should focus on. There are other aspects as well that allow you to be competitive, such as your web design, the original media that you will include, and all other aspects that should be unique to your company.


When you consult with SEO agencies regularly, they can also help you out with all the other aspects of operating a website that you may need assistance with, thanks to their vast network of experts and specialists. The bigger your network and the more people you know, the more effective you are as a company as well. Plus, your SEO consulting agency can also help promote your company, as potential clients are more likely to trust businesses that are highly recommended by recognized individuals in the world of business and digital marketing.

SEO consulting agencies can cover the work that your in-house team cannot produce

Because of their heavy workload, sometimes, your in-house team may not be able to cover all of the work that they will have to accomplish, let alone add learning new techniques on their list of priorities. SEO agencies know the important SEO factors that can help you in achieving your goal.

For the time being that you have SEO consulting agencies helping out your in-house team, this period can also mean increased productivity and a higher work rate. This period can be used to catch up with backlogs that your company may have experienced, simply because there are new techniques in SEO that your in-house team may still have to learn.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very complex machination used in digital marketing. Hence, you shouldn’t attempt to do this all on your own. This technique has numerous subcomponents, which need to be mastered by experts. In addition to your in-house team of experts, here’s to hoping that after reading this, you will get encouraged to take in the services of an outsourced SEO consulting agency as well. If you desire to make it to the top rankings of search engines, then you should take SEO seriously.