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How different services could teach students to write better

How different services could teach students to write better

September 20, 2018

Writing is a skill every student should have. All assessments and evaluations are based on writing, and therefore good writing skills are essential for better performance. Students may not be able to improve their writing skills without the hand of a teacher. Keep reading to get some tips and ideas every teacher should use to improve their students writing skills.

Writing is not rocket science. It is a basic skill every student should have. To succeed in every level of learning, you must have good writing skills. It is the role of the teacher to make sure that his/her students have good writing skills. Writing skills directly affect the students' performance. Students with good writing skills are good performers. As a teacher, you must invest in your students to improve their writing skills. In today’s article, we will talk about some tips to motivate and guide your students to improve their writing skills. Follow these tips, and you will see an improvement in your students writing skill:

1. Encourage students to read

Professional writers are also good readers. It is via reading that your students will improve on their grammar. Give a list of articles, textbooks, magazines and other written materials that are related to the field you are teaching them. Not all students love reading and therefore to have all of your students reading you must encourage them always to read ahead of you for them to have a better understanding when the topic is presented to them. Some students are also not good at reading books, give them a list of websites where they can read relevant materials. Give your students some research assignments. As they do research, they will be reading and therefore improving their skills. Reading improves word choice, style and other important aspects of writing.

2. Practice

Many tutors expect good grades, but they don't invest to get them. As a teacher, you play a major role in their performance. Even if you are not an English tutor writing will still affect students’ performance in your subject. Writing should not be left for the literature teachers only, every faculty should put some efforts to improve students writing skills. Don’t wait for exams, give your students writing assignments to help them practice write an essay. Introduce brief writing sessions every time you get to class before going on with teaching. Make sure to diversify the writing topics and genre to make sure they develop writing skills in all writings. Practicing will help students find it easier to express their thoughts in words.

3. Provide helpful feedback to your students.

Students take their teachers as role models. They take everything you say to them important. You should always try as much as possible to make sure your feedback doesn’t discourage them. When going through their work, it is recommended to comment. Make sure to comment on every student work not only on performance but also on writing ability.

4. Encourage good writing and penalize poor writing

Let your students know that you are going to not only grade them on academic but also in their writing ability. Let your students know that there are bonus points associated with good writing. Even if an essay has good points and ideas but poor grammar it should be penalized. Only good written essays should be awarded bonus points.

5. Work on your student’s mindset

Not all of your students know the importance of writing. Let them know that writing is not only important in their college but also in the entire world. Let them know that to be employed no matter the field you will be working on writing skills is evaluated. Give them examples of individuals who missed great life and career opportunities only because they lacked writing skills. Encourage them to work on their writing as it can also be a career. Give them a list of opportunities available for people with good writing skills such as freelancing, content writer, editors and many more. Let your students know that how they write is used to tell more about them. After school they will need to write several job application letters and students with good writing will be lucky as the employer gets to know who you’re and what you are capable of from the letters you submit to them. No matter the experience you have employers will always go for a candidate who has represented himself well on papers as they may have no time to evaluate your skills. Let them know that it is only when they have good writing skills (ability to express thoughts and ideas in words) they will succeed in their academics. Every exam, assignment, and test wants them to express themselves in written words, and failure to bring out an idea clearly can make them perform extremely poor even if they have the knowledge being tested.

6. Provide relevant instructions throughout your writing process

Whenever you provide your student with writing assignments, make sure to give them instructions. Instructions that will guide them in their writing to make sure their writing is of higher quality and also acceptable to meet your set standards. You can even go ahead and help them start working on the assignment, give them a starting point. Give them resources where they can get outsource some information related to the assignment. Make the assignment feel as simple as possible.

7. Writing conferences and workshops

Writing workshops should be encouraged in every college and university. Students should be encouraged to join these writing workshops. In this workshops, interested students will grow their writing skills from level to level. Writing conferences should also be arranged for. Bring professional writers to guide your students on how to become competent writers. Many faculties have writing centers. Send some of your students with writing problems there and make sure to provide the centers' staff with your assignments.

8. Time management

Even professional writers do not only have to wake up write and publish their writings -  there is the need to revise your work. Many students are victims of the last minute rush. They don’t start their assignments on time. They want until the last day to start writing. This is the exact reason why many students fail to submit assignments or submits incomplete assignments. Working on the last minute denies the student time to revise their work, and they end up submitting unrevised assignments full of grammar errors. Encourage your students to start working on their assignments as soon as they are given to avoid last minute struggles. Guide them on how to spend and create extra time for assignments. After writing let them know they can identify and correct some errors themselves only by revising their work. Some students may not be able to identify mistakes immediately after writing, and they should wait for about 2 to 3 days to revise when the mind is fresh.

9. Let the students understand the different purpose of writing

Before writing, students should be aware of why they are writing and to whom. They should understand the purpose of each genre to narrate, to describe, to inform, to persuade and many more for them to know which one suits their writing task. Teach them how to write effectively for the different purpose. When a student knows why he or she is writing about and why he/she is likely to come up with contentful writing.

10. Teach students how to emulate features of good writing

Expose your students to a variety of exemplary text from different sources. Give them textbooks and own writing and let them read. As they read they will need some good writing features such as word choice, sentence structure, text structure and many more. You can also refer them to read from their colleagues who are good at writing. You can sometimes use students work to show the rest what was expected from them.


Writing is a skill that can be learned. Even if your students are very poor at writing you can take part and be responsible, help them improve their writing skills. It is every teacher's dream to see his students succeed, invest in their success by putting into action the above-mentioned tips to improve their writing. Without your effort, students will not make it by themselves, hold their hands throughout the journey of education. Students are the future, give them the best you can for a better tomorrow.

Bryan Davis

Bryan is a top ranked author. His talent has been seen in several books he has published such as Oracle of the fire, Our midst, Dragons of Starlight, Reaper, Time echoes series, Tales of starlight and many more. He is a graduate of the University of Florida where he studied B.S in industrial engineering. In his seminary years, he demonstrated a passion for written words, reading and writing in many disciplines and genres.  Connect with other professionals like Bryan Davis at EduBirdie. He contributes to the society by teaching writing skills in conferences and conventions. Apart from writing, he has also been a computer professional for more than 20 years.