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How Instagram Likes Could Help With Your Overall SEO

How Instagram Likes Could Help With Your Overall SEO

August 01, 2018

Tips On How Instagram Likes Could Help With Your Overall SEO


When you're a marketer or a social media manager, you're likely going to want to focus on adopting a strategy that can strengthen your brand's position in the market. This fan be challenging with any approach, but more so if you're taking this from an SEO (search engine optimization) approach. Tapping into platforms such as Instagram to improve on your SEO can greatly boost your brand presence, especially if you tap into likes. However, getting likes on Instagram is easier said than done - but not impossible. Are there tips on how Instagram likes could help with your overall SEO?

Instagram Today: What Do Numbers Say

Perhaps, it's helpful to begin with a few numbers. Why would Instagram even be considered for SEO? Well it might help to point out that Instagram just hit 1-billion users this 2018, which means only YouTube and Facebook have more users than the tool to date. Interestingly, more than 500-million users actually stay tuned to Instagram as of 2017, with 80-percent of its users actually from outside the United States. Imagine the kind of market you could tap with that kind of exposure, and imagine the kind of influence your brand would have in countries such as Japan, France, Canada, Poland, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Brazil, and Russia - all of which are actually countries with the most active users outside the U.S.

SEO and Instagram: On How Likes Come Into Play

It's important to remember with the above statistics that there are indeed ways to get Instagram likes in an extremely organic fashion, but tapping into those likes for SEO traction can require quite a strategic approach. The below points will explain just how this can be done.

Tags help you play with keywords: When it comes to SEO, especially content marketing, your keywords are perhaps the most essential parts of gaining traction for any search engine. However, a lot of people don't tend to realize that hashtags and tags actually work in your favor when it comes to establishing keywords in Instagram. Carefully wording your captions and using tags that are used in Twitter, Facebook, and search engines can grab you the kind of attention you need.

  • Pictures on trends capitalizes on your exposure: Aside from keywords, the mere fact that your images are categorized under tags immediately capitalizes on your exposure in search engines. Using your tags properly with images that can be backtracked to your account (especially if you have a signature "style") can make you instantly recognizable amongst peers, and even search engines. Remember, search engines capitalize on recognition, so if you start to become part of the definition of a "trend," then your SEO may actually be jump started.
  • Capitalize on the bandwagon: Whenever there are hip trends that are in line with your aesthetic, don't hesitate to jump on the bandwagon and use the hashtags around it. This allows Instagram to monitor the area you're in and the hashtags you're using, and may even convince itself that you're relevant enough to be featured in its top pages and Explore lists. This in itself is recognition that can make fans want to Google you, and in turn produce better SEO.
  • Piggybank on social engagement: While Google and other search engines did say social media isn't part of its ranking criteria (officially, anyway), it's important to remember that a lot of things that social media does are related to important ranking criteria. For instance, social engagement with fans means you've actually produced quality content. Produce more of these enough and you're likely going to get mentions, inbound links, repeat readers, and lower bounce. These are all signals search engines care about when it comes to acquiring sites for its ranking.
  • Start your search engine prioritization with Instagram itself: Aside from relying on Google and other search engines for recognition, remember that Instagram and Twitter are search engines of their own. Type a celebrity on Google and their accounts in these platforms will be in the search results. As such, use hashtags, places, and people whenever you post photos so you can tell Instagram that you're an important person that have to be featured as well.
  • Leverage on Instagram likes to gain traction on other social media platforms: If you're best known for your Instagram account, adding the other social media accounts or platforms of your business into your Instagram feed can actually help you gain traction in your other platforms' accounts. Likewise, linking Instagram to your Facebook page or Twitter actually allows you to expand your reach further without having to constantly tailor your feed to your respective social media accounts. Linking your accounts can greatly add exposure from your Instagram to other networks and vice versa, further raising the chances of increasing your audience.

Conclusion: Leverage On Instagram Likes For Better SEO

A lot of people tend to underestimate the power of social media to reach a wide demographic, but it's actually something that can be done and achieved. This is especially more so needed by brands and companies who want to make a name for themselves, as admittedly not all marketing methods exactly work the way marketers intend them to. As such, leveraging on Instagram likes can actually help boost SEO, as explained above. It really becomes a matter of how you approach SEO and exactly how you plan on tapping into your Instagram market for likes.