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How Much Broken Links Can Harm Your Site SEO

How Much Broken Links Can Harm Your Site SEO

December 21, 2015

Broken links ever remain the part of a website so whenever you own or manage a website you must need to properly address such type of issues or otherwise it can severely harm your long run SEO efforts. These are not appreciated on both ends; either from user perspective or from search engine point of view so marketers should observe and monitor such issues consistently and solve them on permanent basis so that they can’t harm your site. On beginning such links indicates to the search engine that the usability of your site is not efficient and later on it seriously affects your long run SEO efforts.

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Generally you have two types of links on your site so if any one of them is broken it can harm the usability of your site:

  • Internal links: these are links where you have the high control-ability on your website and which enables you to go from one page to another page on your site.
  • External links: these are actually the reference links given in an article which enables you to go on another website. Upon such links we have less control-ability so they should be addressed sparingly only when it is very necessary.

Broken links cause when the owner has no control over these links. It can harm your site SEO because SEO considers the usability of your website and it takes into account such problems which occur when search engine spider causes or comes with a lot of dead ends. Firstly it indicates that your site is not properly working or properly managed by the owner. It abruptly results with the suspension of the movement of search spider, and if search spider comes with a lot of stop sign or 404 error pages it definitely diminishes the value of your site in the eyes of search engine. Such 404 error page also irritates the general user or any website user as it takes a lot of time and effort of the user to get understanding about your site. It creates more problems when the user left the site after the wastage of little time and effort. So the broken links only results in the loss of website user and the credibility of your site. It would definitely be annoying that you search a link and it answers your question that the data you are trying to find does not exist here.

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So the website managers or website maintenance team must keep an eye on such broken links to avoid any inconvenience which can cause harm your site SEO and site credibility. If you own a large website like an e-commerce or a site with a large number of products then a few broken links cannot destroy the worth and usability of your site but if you own a small website with managing limited products then a few such links can badly harm and damage your site SEO. You must remove the outdated links from your site so Google considered that you are very much concerned with the relevancy of your content.