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How much Social Bookmarking effects SEO

Feb 29, 2016

What are your intensions to create a website? Finally revenue either it’s direct or indirect. So, to achieve this vital target, you create a brilliant website around a fantastic idea. Bring traffic on your site and make it even bigger day by day and always strive for loads of traffic and then convert this whole of your traffic to revenue with different monetization opportunities.

Let’s elaborate this all. If you need revenue, you need a site which is visited by large amount of visitors. So, basically you need traffic and traffic and off-course traffic. Your site can be one of the best sites in the world but still you need SEO to let traffic diverted towards your site. So, now we know the real thing that can generate revenue is traffic and to have traffic we need SEO. For SEO purposes we use lots of unique tools and techniques and Social Bookmarking has been one of these. I assume that you know what is social bookmarking so I do not need to define it. How far this strategy plays role in whole game of SEO is main focus of today’s discussion.

The range of social bookmarking websites have extensively grown, that resulted in more and more people considering it but quite possibly not getting a full grasp of how this program can result in a highly effective marketing weapon. Listed below are a number of pros from distributing your information across these types of community web-sites that are social bookmarking platforms.


It is extremely effective marketing resource for your business that makes it possible to improve your traffic. Social bookmarks are believed to be among the not inconsiderable potential for traffic. It generates top quality backlinks without the pain of finding out all of the modern algorithms that search engines periodically launch. Web pages or even entire web site can be bookmarked by users around the world thus means the content will generate more targeted audience. Visitors to the websites have the option to import, export, include messages, links, comments, and above all they can build social networks and groupings. Increased competition across all the businesses and companies and so working with social bookmarking results more than just sharing and ranking. By advertising your organization on a bookmarking website, inbound links are valued by search engines like Google, which makes it possible to improve reputation of your website or blog across the globe.

Cautions and Limitations:

Extensive social bookmarks spitting out same content are considered spam. This parasite will infect your site quicker than you blink and eventually blacklisted. Mostly social bookmarking technique is an indirect way of marketing which mostly doesn’t improve your web-site ranking soon. Though it helps in improving your organic traffic in long run. Combining social bookmarking in short-term SEO campaigns may cost you heavily and end up in waste of your time.