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How to Adjust SEO Strategy For Four-Pack Paid Search Ads

How to Adjust SEO Strategy For Four-Pack Paid Search Ads

June 18, 2016

It is a known fact that the appearance of the search engine results page will surely be shifting as periodically as they will going to come across with some new methods of display paid and organic search results to customers. In the latest version of the SEO has hence removed the paid text ads in the right hand column. Currently, just four ads are visible over above organic results. In simple you will be noticing that now paid search results are looking more like the organic results. The 4th spot of the ad has been taken that was previously been occupied by the number one organic result. Now the main trouble that is heading into the minds of the users is that how they can adjust their sites strategy plans in the appearance of new face of SERPs.

Aim For Answer Box:

You should stay within the search engine results page all the way by getting your website hence selected to be featured in the answer box. The answer box is located just as below paid results. All the way in the means of the proliferation of the voice search that is featuring with the introduction of Gboard to phone conversations you should always think about shifting your web copy toward more natural language. In the favor of writing it for the purpose of the natural search will going to raise up the chance of making it into the coveted answer box.

Create Local Optimization a Priority:

If in case you are handling with some of the brick and motor business location then moving yourself into some local pack is considered to be the vital ones. Hence afterall the organic search space on top of the page of one of this SERP is marked up to be the virtually non-existent after four paid results as well as local pack. You should be careful enough that the business name plus contact details should be in the readable text on your website on multiple pages. Moreover you should also be adding with some of the business schema markups to your code. You should start off with the racking up reviews as it would help you in the appearance of the local pack. On the whole you should have the confidence that you would be adding your business in the local directories.

Start Writing for Topics:

If you are writing for the keywords then you should stop yourself instantly! Instead you should start writing for the topics. If you are still making one specific keyword as your main target then you are making a biggest mistake. Keywords are not useless but still it would be far better or excellent if you would be writing on the target topics by the way of using some numerous semantically linked keywords. If you are putting forward with some strong semantically optimized article on any topic then it would be helping you out to rank highly in SERPs for multiple different queries.

Create Closer Alignment With Paid Search:

On the last and most important of all you should create with the closer alignment with the paid search. You are not aware of the fact that paid as well as organic search teams should move along with each other in order to maximize brand exposure in search. It is to be mentioned that your paid search counterparts should be much attentive in the placement in queries that are dominated by four-packs of paid results.

So these have been top 4 important and main guidelines that will be helping you at the best to adjust the SEO strategy for four-pack paid search ads! Follow up with these guidelines while working on SEO very carefully!