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How to Figure Out Blog Growth In 2019

How to Figure Out Blog Growth In 2019

December 12, 2018

Looking to start a new blog? Well, let us tell you that starting a new blog or even growing an already running blog can be a daunting task. In the beginning, you may feel like you are catching up and goals seem way too far. However, the important thing is to stay focused on what you want to do. A solid foundation for your blog is what matters in the end. Although, it may take some time and hard work in getting the basics right, but once the foundation is laid, you can thrive on it afterwards. Blogging are the best way to earn handsome amount of money, so you have to be very careful in selecting your strategy.


                                               If you stick to it, it gets easier with time.

We have seen many bloggers give up on their efforts or completely get out of groove as they feel that they aren’t getting what they expected initially. They feel that they aren’t going anywhere even after thrusting all the effort and much-needed effort. According to experts at, if you aren’t getting the anticipated response and results in the start, there is nothing to worry about. You just need to keep going.

We have examined numerous blogs (as people contact us for blog related issues) and concluded that a large majority of the people are on track, they just need to carry on.

                                                             It requires perseverance.

Let us tell you one good thing. If you are going in the right direction and doing all the positives then you will definitely taste success. The progress, in the beginning, may be worrisome, but you don’t need to panic and hassle into things, just stay put and you will accomplish. Remember everyone doesn’t have the power of patience. Those who stay focused and carry on, succeed. SEO growth analysis of your blog is also important to find out the actual performance level of your blog.

We have compiled for you 10 main signs that indicate you being on the right track as far as you as your blog is concerned. If more than half of these indicators apply to your blog, then you are going great. Achievements aren’t presented to you on a plate.

                                             Just don’t stop, keep going. You will be there.

Increasing subscribers

In case, your followers or subscribers are increasing, you are making the right progress. Even if this pace is slow, but at least you are growing. Gaining people’s trust and making them subscribe to your blog isn’t an easy task. Don’t set yourself too high on unrealistic targets. Rather set some realistic goals for getting subscribers. This way you will feel more pleased about your progress and you will get an idea of the pace with which to work. Increasing subscribers means you will get more organic traffic towards your site.

Growth in inbound links

For any blog to be successful, links play a vital part. Links enhance the click-through traffic. They are extremely helpful in raising the search engine rankings and give your blog a peculiar recognition. Incoming links also give an idea to subscribers and search engines of what capability you possess and authority you have on a given subject. The number of inbound links is going to increase with time as you become recognized as an authority.

Increase in positive comments

If your blog is receiving a good number of positive and constructive comments, this is a great sign for you. It means that people are reading your content and are paying attention to it. Comments are like oxygen to blogs and such blogs that receive a heavy number of comments (mostly valuable) from readers become useful for other people who are visiting the blog for the first or second time.


Increase in page views, visitors and page views per visit

Majority of bloggers take a keen interest in stats. How many people visited their blog in a day? Most number of visitors were from which country? How many people subscribed to their blog in a month etc.? Growth in traffic ranking is a positive sign for your blog and everybody wants it. However, high traffic doesn’t always mean that you have met all your goals. If you are doing most of the things rightly, then with the passage of time your blog stats are going to increase. It means more people will visit, read and subscribe to your blog.

Regular posting

Posting regularly on your blog is another important aspect that will lead you to success. If you are posting regularly on your blog then you are having an edge over a large majority of bloggers who don’t post consistently. Although, regular posting of blogs may not seem as difficult, but the creation of quality content and posting it consistently can be a huge task for many of your competitors. Good results are likely to be achieved if you are consistent.

Increasing quality

Quality should always be the backbone of your blog. No quality is directly proportional to no success and mere wastage of time. You as a blogger should be mindful of the fact that quality has always been a trend in blogging and you cannot get away with it. It may be hard in the beginning and your quality may not be up to the mark. However, the low level of quality should not stop you. You are not alone. There are numerous other starters who are going through the same phase. 

Improvement in quality is a natural factor. Slowly and gradually you will become more knowledgeable about your niche as you dive into blogging and general writing. After some time you will notice a clear difference in quality as you look back on your posts that you developed at the start of your career.

A clear defining of your niche

This aspect is one of the most neglected one's when people start their blogs. Clearly defining your niche and audience in the start is a great thing. As time passes, you will get to know what kind of content is liked by your audience and what sort of content doesn’t please them. This will enable you to judge your knowledge and what type of content you should focus on. If you are aware of where you fit into your category/subject, you are going on the right path; continue! Being aware of your position is the key to branding and making a blog that attracts the audience (which you have targeted).

An increasing network of bloggers

Another crucial aspect in blogging is a network of bloggers. Networking is your stepping stone to the future. Apart from developing content, a network of bloggers is considered to be extremely important by the experts at If you have a continuous connection with new and experienced bloggers, then it is going to empower your capabilities and in turn, will up your blog's quality.

A strong network with other bloggers will help you learn from others and likewise, others will learn from your experiences and knowledge. It will also enable you to gain loyal and valuable readers. Strong bonding will also help you in getting inbound links, increase likes and votes on social media and lots more.

Knowledge of at least one way to reach a targeted audience

As you get more experience in blogging, you will get to know a lot about traffic attraction and getting people to read and recognize your content. If you are aware of at least one way of reaching your target audience, you are doing a great job and are way ahead than a large crowd in the same field. One possibility is that you may have written guest posts for others blogs in the same niche. Another reason may be that you have left relevant, intelligent and valuable comments on other blogs.

Or it is also possible that you have made a strong profile at a specific niche on a social media website. Whatever the reason may be, if it is constructive and you can make use of it in the future, voila, you are another step closer to a successful blogging career.


Accomplishment of goals

As we see in the current times that many bloggers connect certain goals with their blogs. These may be becoming a leading blogger in a certain area, earning a living out of blogging, achieving 10,000 subscribers or anything else. However, experts believe that a lot of bloggers lack in short-term goals. These goals can help bloggers to take strides with surety towards the long-term goals.

For instance, if you have set short goals like monthly or weekly for generating revenue, gaining traffic and increase in subscribers, you are on the right track. You are where you should be and there is no need to give up. These short-term goals will take you to long-term goals. Although, short-term goals may be a bit slow in the beginning (not always), but as the famous proverb says “slowly but surely achieve your goal.” Take pride in achieving short-term goals and keep striving for more. Raise the bar every time you achieve something and look to accomplish something better the next time.


Blogging has become a proper profession in the current times and it will only expand as a field with passage the time. If you want to start a blog of your own, have an interest in blogging, some issue is bothering you with respect to your blog, contact anytime. We will be more than pleased to serve you.