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How to Improve Website Conversion Rate

How to Improve Website Conversion Rate

October 17, 2018

Do you own a small business and desire that your online presence is converting visitors into buyers? Want your website to thrive and give you ideal results?. For great websites that are enjoying heavy traffic, organizations can spend large sums of amount in converting rate optimization to make certain the design is providing them with excellent results. The initial investment helps to increase Google PageRank score.  We know some strategies like a/b split testing, in-depth measuring and analysis are extremely effective. However, they are bound to be expensive as well as time-consuming.

So, when you are a small business owner, such kind of in-depth analysis may not be feasible for you. As you and the employees under you have already got a number of things to do related to the business like running it smoothly. So, for those businesses who haven’t yet made a huge impact on the market but still want to cover all their bases for optimal results in the least resources, we have compiled a 5 point list that should be taken seriously. These things should be kept in mind for ensuring the increase in website traffic. So, here we go with these 5 points

Importance of Headlines

You need to remember that headline is what matters the most on a homepage. Make it clear, make it simple and make it attractive so that it conveys your message rightly. Why you are beneficial, how you can be a better option when compared to others. You can use a tiny text generator for writing a headline.

Normally the majority of businesses don’t cash in and waste the headline option by just writing something that may help them in the SEO cause. People also waste this opportunity by writing something like “welcome to our website” etc.

Wastage of a Resource

The headline is a storefront. If you have decorated it well and its display attracts the passers-by and serves the purpose well then people would be lured to visit the inside of the store. Using a copied headline might reduce the overall conversion rate. You can use a plagiarism checker tool to remove any ambiguity. Simply saying a headline can and should convince people that they are at the right site and going further won’t be wastage of time. And they should read the rest of the content to find out more. If the headline isn’t fulfilling its purpose then the website visitor may not feel the interest and may switch to another site. The headline should have one main answer that people are after related to your niche. Also, it should entice the reader into having a sort of conversation in their mind. This is where I wanted to be, maybe here is a solution, let’s see whether they can handle my problem etc. 

Sliders and Carousels

We know that slider and carousels have been in for quite a while now and have turned into a norm with everyone going for them. However, these two resources are known to consume so much space on the homepage and even then don’t really benefit the business.Another thing that may not have a good effect on the site is that sliders and carousels are bulky and are known to slow down the website. Especially those people won’t give your site a second chance whose net connections are not that fast.

Integration of images and other visuals have grown immensely not only to convey messages quickly but also to attract the visitors. Expressing your purpose in visuals affects the visitors more quickly and effectively as compared to text.However, you need to mindful of the fact that too much imagery and less text and other items can waste the valuable space and go against you. The sliders can distract the users may confuse them to go in different directions especially when the images are changing regularly. Performing a unique Image search is vital to achieve success.

Understandable and informative Content

Visitors are on the outlook of information to decide whether they should contact you or not. But they may not read your content if it is in the shape of big slabs. People hate doing so, even I don’t read big slabs of text; honestly. So, here is what you need to remember in this situation?. People are more interested in reading headlines; so, focus on your making your headlines informative and catchy. They don’t like to read to read complete paragraphs, rather they skim the content. More importantly, they don’t even bother to read large paragraphs. Break your content into smaller and attractive paragraphs. Write point by point. Make use of

  • Bullets
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Numberings
  • Bold and italic important text
  • Proper formatting is what you need to emphasize on

All these things are considered important in getting your message across and conveying it in an effective manner. If you don’t need all the things mentioned above then people would surely hesitate in reading your content. The reality is that you have made their job difficult.

Easily accessible contact information

Whenever the visitors make a decision to contact you through any means like the call, email or any social media platform, their decision is obvious and you need to do the rest for them by making sure that the contact information is in front of them for easy accessibility. It simply helps to validate SEO results on search engines.What it means is that all pages on your site should have all the contact information like a UAN or any number, a valid company email, social media links and a clear contact form that requires the least amount of information from the visitors.

Remember, people are lazy and impatient as well. They want everything to be in front of them and no time. If they are finding it hard to contact you or the contact form is asking unnecessary information then you are losing potential buyers. People are choosy and don’t want anybody to waste their time. Make sure that enquiring on your site is extremely easy and people are attracted to this factor.

Effective usage of action colours and patterns

Who doesn’t like to visit a colorful and beautifully designed website? According to experts, your call to actions must be clear and obvious and what better than making them colorful so that they lure the customers automatically to themselves. Come up with an astonishing color choice for your site as your color pattern is what defines your site. Now choose an action color that not only fits into your scheme but also stands out in contrast to customers. This lures them into clicking or taping (on mobile sites) on them.

All the call to actions and contacts like phone number, email, submit/send button contact forms or any other important thing on the site should be in the color that glows perfectly and seems pleasing. Different people will advise you different colors and combinations to go and which colors can increase your conversion rate. However, the right choice of color for actions depends on the color scheme which you have chosen for your brand and your site. There are a number of SEO tools available online that give you a much better understanding of which color you should go for, which color might be chosen as secondary/primary and what pattern should suit your site and more importantly which color should be selected for the call to actions.


These are the five basic strategies that you need to integrate into your website if you want to make the most of your business website and if you want to take a leap from a small business to medium or large enterprise.