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How to increase Domain and Page Authority of a Website

How to increase Domain and Page Authority of a Website

January 21, 2016

It is said SEO had died before 2014 but few things are still living and affecting the SERP. One of these things is Domain Authority. Whenever you search something in Google, you find some links which are higher than your links though you feel that your information is better than that. Sometimes a newly indexed link from a domain stands at top while links with age of years or two remains below. These all situations indicates that Google still prefers something else and this something else is Domain Authority.

Clear the Concept about Domain Authority

Domain Authority is normally considered as the Google trust on that domain. It is decided by the Moz. Moz ranks site according to its set of procedures and algorithms and then considered on these scores which are from 0 to 100, the sites are regarded as more authoritative or less. If your website has some good authority then it will be easier for you to get higher in Google Search and hence you will rank higher and will get higher traffic as well.

Factors to Determine Domain Authority

Here the point must be noted that Domain Authority is little different than the Page authority. Domain authority covers the whole site including sub domains while page authority is only for the specific page. It doesn’t transfer to the other pages or the site. But yes it gives some juice to other pages and the main domain too.

There are certain factors which defines the Authority of any Domain or page. Here are these factors mentioned below. Keeping in view these factors, you can increase domain and page authority of your website.

Number of Links Pointing Towards Your Website

Back linking was once considered the only SEO trick to get high rank but due to over spamming it was banned and penalized by Google and the concept was spread that back linking is no more effective. But the reality is that still it does matter. If a good number of domains are pointing towards your root domain or towards some of your websites page then that domain or specific page will get some authority. Here the point must be noted that we are talking about number of domains, not number of links.

Page Rank or Moz Rank

Once again here we will discuss something which is considered outdated and obsolete - the Page Rank. Page Rank is now said to be no more a factor to rank higher in Google Search but still it does have a value. Page Rank depends on quality links pointing towards your website. So if you want to increase domain and page authority of website then you should get some quality links rather than blasting thousands of poor quality links.

Trust Network

When you want to deal with someone you don’t know, you search and see how many people know him and what’s his reputation. If the person have some good connections, you considered him trustworthy. Same is the case with domains. If a domain has some good connections with other authority websites especially with similar fields i.e. Relative sites. So to increase the domain and page authority, try to get more links from relative authority websites.

Compact Quality Content

The old proverb “Content is the King” is still true rather now it’s falls true with authority. If you have content then it must be completely discussed and some error free quality content. A quality content covering some topic completely is more likely to rank higher in Google search. Not just a page rather you whole website should have quality content so it may before a authority website.

More Social More Authority

An isolated website can just dream of being an authority website as Social Media is now the great factor to increase the authority of a website and page. You can rank instantly higher in Google search by blasting social traffic, Facebook likes, Google Plus, Tweets and Retweets etc. No doubt if the content won’t be a quality content with no support from good backlinks but highly social, the link will remain on top for few time but it will not survive there till long.

Other tweaks to increase domain authority of a website and page is to make it SEO friendly but filling META data, proper monitoring of Webmaster Tools, loading time, a strict watch on broken links and pages etc.

So keeping in view these factors, you can plan that how to increase domain authority of a website or page and hence you can get higher in Google SERP to grab more traffic.