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How to Increase Domain Authority

Jan 30, 2018

Domain Authority is about how well a website will rank in search engine result pages. It refers to measurement the power of domain name and other factors which helps a domain to get a good position in search engines. Domain Authority score ranges are from one to hundred. With a high score, there is probably good ability to get a good position in SERPs.

In simple words, Domain Authority is a metric calculated by Moz, for how well a given domain is likely to earn a high rank in SERPs.

Search engines do not rely on Domain authority to rank a website, Modern search engines like Google use hundreds of factors to evaluate the authority of web pages. We have to rely on third party matric such as DA from Moz. In fact, it is used to describe the strength and value of a website.

How is it calculated?

To be very honest, there is no such formula or technique that can help to calculate the DA. Mozscape web index Calculate it secretly. But some factors are shared on their website like, they include link counts, MozRank and MozTrust scores, and some other factors to calculate it.

After that, they use the data to assign a value to each website a number of one to 100. To check authority of a website you can use moz open site explorer or you can use prepostseo tool.

How to improve domain Authority

Now you understand the importance of Domain Authority and how does it effect on SERPs. There is a popular saying “SEO is not a Magic and does not happen overnight”. It will take time to improve DA. There are some evident factors which count in calculating domain authority and to improving these factors will be helpful to increase DA.

Follow these steps to increase DA Score of website or blog.

Choose a good domain name

If you are just starting a website or blog now, choose a relevant and easy to remember domain. So it will easy to write URL and come back to the website quickly. It will help to improve website score and rank also. The presence of the keyword in the domain is itself a ranking factor.

Content Optimization

Publish unique and quality content to earn a good score. It does not matter how long you wrote but relevancy and uniqueness are matters. Make sure your content is optimized as well as title tags and images tags etc.

Good and helpful content, provide reasons to other to give you link back. This is known as link baiting. Read more: what is link baiting and how it is helpful. Content Optimization also includes keywords adjustment, always choose quality keywords and do not use keywords stuffing technique. Check Density checker tool for this purpose.

Internal Linking

Develop strong internal linking structure. Internal linking makes a powerful network within the website that benefits both the user and the search engines that crawl and index it.

Internal Linking not only helps to boost website ranking but better user experience.

Interlink the relevant content, which could add value and provide useful information Use natural anchor text, do not spread sensation Link the pages to the most viewed content

Remove bad links

It is necessary to remove bad links that are affecting on website position, remove toxic and spammy links and gain quality links. Watch outbound links which are linking to you. There are two ways to remove these backlinks. First, Contact the owner of the website to fix the link. If not getting any response from there then, disavow these links.

Do not use black hat SEO techniques such as buying potential toxic links or irrelevant links.

Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly website is that which is designed for smaller screens as well as desktops. With one-quarter of web searches conducted on a mobile device by over a billion users worldwide. So if you have not yet updated your site, It would be strongly recommended to do it soon.

Mobile Friendly site will improve

Search visibility User experience Brand identity

Increase loading speed

Most users have the very low patience for a website that takes too much time to load and in the result after landing on the website they go back. It increases bounce rate of a website. Poor loading speed is harmful for a website. A slow site speed will be a headache for you. Focus on website speed and increase it. Try to lower your code and increase your webpage text. Use code to text ratio calculator to find out the text percentage of a webapge.