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How to increase your social profile fans?

How to increase your social profile fans?

August 19, 2017

  Well, this is one of the most concerned topics if you are a rising star, a businessman, blogger, writer, or a webmaster etc.

Having social followers increase your credibility. Make you a well established and a reliable source. People consider your work or shared content as authentic and will have more readers and viewers obviously. But, how to get these followers in the first place?

Well, let us see what we can do about it.

It’s all about the quality

This is one of the most important and the first step to get the followers. If your blog, page or articles are describing quality and uniqueness in every word. Then its honey to the bees. They will come slowly but will gradually increase. Providing low quality or copied content will drift away from your readers. Viewers online are hunting for meals and they are not likely to spend a lot of time on one single article unless it's helping. They will hardly stay for 15 seconds and leave to the next. This is extremely dangerous for your online rep. Keep your viewers engaged so they tend to spend some time on your page or social profile. If they end up liking it, then they will definitely share it with others, then those others will share with others and the procedure of multiplication will start. You can maintanin the quality of your content in a blog by first evaluating it through Plagiarism checker

If you will not update regularly, Things will downgrade immediately.

If you are not going to update and share your posts regularly on profiles, then users will slowly walk away. Users over the web need things to interest them every day just like a human being needs food every day. Things get a little disturbed if they see their favorite blogger taking too much time to bring out new stuff. Even if your work is love and worth spending time on but if it's not being updated, then goodbye to your followers and not a single chance of getting new ones. Sharing your content regularly doesn’t mean start spamming your user’s wall… That is damaging as well and they might end up missing few of your important posts because of too much posting. So keep it steady and consistent.


Alright alright alright… Wait up! Let me explain about it. I know this is the most hateful thing over the web. You see a really helpful thing or interesting thing on a thumbnail of a video, link or you read a really interesting fact or gossip, but you find nothing when you click it. They get views, your time is wasted, blood pressure increases slightly, you do a mouthful and move on but the point is they got views and that was the point. But of course, viewers will never want to click on such links shared by the same person again. Now, getting back to the point of quality. When you are providing attractive images as thumbnails or throwing a gossip, then actually provide them with the stuff they clicked your link for. This might surprise them that they actually got what they clicked  They will immediately trust you considering ‘This site actually provides what they talk about’. They will share it, they will come back and kudos to you.

"Look Ma, Widgets"

These are as interesting as the topic. They are literally time savers and help both bloggers and the readers.

Widgets are boxes and buttons you see normally on the sides on a blog or an article.

For example, Buttons of social platforms which help a user to like, share the article directly from the blog without leaving the page and finding the writer’s name which takes a lot of time. Other than this if you are providing widgets for the reviews, it's going to help the viewers by simply providing reviews and comments on your blogs from their social network. This will be shown on the wall and may catch the eye of other viewers.

Widgets are basically a help for readers to save time but it is of great help at both ends. If you will not provide this facility, then even if they want to share it with others or provide reviews, they will not be able to. This might reduce some amount of their interest but the possibility of getting tons of users because of sharing is permanently gone.

Know your platforms

Understand that every social platform and the users on it are of different nature. You might have several registrations on different platforms but even you use them differently. Same goes when we talk about interesting the followers. When we talk about Facebook, it’s more like blog sharing with visual aids like pictures and videos. Facebook is the biggest platform and visual aid is of a great help on it. Ask your viewers to like, share and tag people so your blog can get bigger and bigger. Ask for reviews and answer their questions briefly. Take suggestions and update your content regularly. Make new posts and stay in trends. But in Twitter, it's more like gossiping or sending a message about the trending situations. The best way to get likes and followers on Twitter is to follow the blogs and people of your interest first. Share Tweets and #hashtag them all so it can be mentioned on their walls too. Regular posting (Not Spamming) will eventually make them follow you back as well and you will end up having quite a followers if you maintain this exercise. Ask people to tweet or share your content on facebook on your web site, blogs.

Third Party Sites

These are sites are of great help and really bring quality followers down the lane. These sites work in many ways. Some of them are straight, expensive ones which will bring you, active followers. Empty your bank account and fill your social account. Well, this is one way. Others are cheap and a little less effective but in the very start, I’ll personally recommend the third way which comes with a site called “addmefast” Now, You will find people over there just yourself who are looking for followers. You can simply exchange the likes there by liking their’s and ask them to like your back. There is also an option of purchasing available there but this free method is for the starters. This will not waste any money in case of a mishap. Plus if you get a little spike in traffic: then you can purchase it.