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How To Move People Through The Sales Funnel With Content

How To Move People Through The Sales Funnel With Content

February 05, 2018

There’s no denying that content is the main driving force for businesses to get more leads and sales. All business nowadays are using content to help their leads move through the sales funnel and convert them into sales.

In this article, you will learn how to use content to move your leads through the sales funnel easily.

What is the Sales Funnel?

If you’re new to this marketing strategy, you might be wondering, what is a sales funnel? The sales funnel is a visual marketing tool which allows you to convert your business leads or prospects into repeat customers.

Now there are three main stages involved in the sales funnel. Each stage allows you to figure out what your prospects want so you can find ways to answer their demands.

  • Awareness stage - this is where you attract people to your business or to visit your website.
  • Evaluation stage - this is where you convert your visitors into leads or prospects.
  • Purchase stage - this is where you convert your leads and prospects into buying customers.

As you go through the sales funnel, it’s normal for the number of your potential customers to decrease because that’s just how a funnel works. But you need to keep in mind that your goal is to keep your leads interested until they make a sale.

Moving Leads Through the Sales Funnel Using Content

So now that you’ve figured out what a sales funnel is, it’s time that you know how to move your leads through it using content.

You’re going to use content as your main driving force for all the stages in your sales funnel. It’s important to remember that each stage demands a different type of content. You don’t need to change your content creation process; you just have to know what kind of content to create for each stage.

1. Attraction or Awareness Stage

This is the stage where you have to create lots of content to attract visitors to your website. This is also the part where you have to establish a clear content marketing strategy so you can produce high-quality content that is sure to grab the interests of your target audience. One effective content marketing tool to use for this stage is the blog. Now a blog can give you plenty of benefits in attracting people to your website.

  • Blogs give you an excellent opportunity to attract people by publishing fascinating, industry-related, and well-researched posts.
  • Blogs also give your target audience plenty of reasons to take a look at your website.
  • You can use blogs to establish yourself as an industry leader, provide an answer to your visitor's most common questions, and share your business insights.

Now it’s important not to limit your content marketing strategy to blogs only. There are also other effective content marketing tools that you can use along with your blogs such as videos, surveys, infographics, and many more. The more content marketing tools you can use, the more leads you can attract to your business.

Bonus Tip

For all the content you create during this stage, you must show creativity. There might be other businesses out there that are already using these types of content, so you want an edge for your business. Be creative with your content so you can stand out from the competition. Remember that these people don’t have any idea about your business, so figure out a way to reach them using your content.

2. Evaluation Stage

In the evaluation stage, your visitors are already considering making a sale with you, but they are still not entirely convinced yet. This is the perfect time for you to produce content that will likely convince them to do business with you. Make convincing content that will make them agree that your company is one of the best out there.

To do that, you have to create content that highlights how your business can be useful for them or how they can benefit from using your products. Here are some effective types of content you can use for this stage:

  • Case studies
  • Demo videos
  • How-to articles that showcase your products or services
  • Product descriptions
  • Product reviews

The evaluation stage is the most critical part of a sales funnel. This is where your prospective customers start to filter products and services that they don’t see as beneficial to them. So you have to make sure that your content during this stage is convincing.

3. Purchase Stage

You’ve done your fair share of attracting and convincing your visitors; now it’s time to turn them into buying customers. There could be a couple of reasons why these people are still not buying from you in the second stage like:

  • Your customers don’t trust you yet. 
  • Customers don’t really like buying or getting stuff from someone they don’t know, and that is what may be happening to you right now.
  • Your customers might be scared.
  • Your customers still have concerns about your products or services.

To erase these negative thoughts regarding your business, you must create content that can showcase how your products or services were able to satisfy the needs of your first customers.

Here are some effective types of content you can create for this stage:

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • A clear sales process

These leads have stuck with you from the very beginning, and now that you’ve managed to move them to the last stage, this is where you can finally use your sales pitch. You can pitch your products or services to them while assuring them that they will not regret their decision. Try to make your customers feel valued and do your best to answer their demands. Because after all, you want to them to keep buying from you, right?

It’s easy to get confused with the sales funnel, but you will eventually learn how to use it effectively over time. The sales funnel also requires you to be better at creating your content so you might work on that as well. At the end of the day, the sales funnel will help you gain more loyal customers that will stick with you no matter what!

Author: Bill Sheikh

I am the founder of U-Thrive Marketing, Tulsa's premier online marketing and website development firm. I have helped hundreds of businesses across Oklahoma and the rest of the US put their business on the map online. I specialise in generating more customers for the businesses I work with by utilising proven online marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC & Social Media marketing. I also have a team of experts that work on my team that specialise in website development, website design and graphic design. I have also been personally featured on many national and local publications related to online marketing.