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How to Perform Keyword Research in 2020

Oct 08, 2018

The entire game of SEO revolves around accurate keyword analysis, and there successful implementation to achieve the required level of growth in search results. It’s the most valuable, important and high return activity. The process of SEO keywords selection is itself a complex practice, but it’s the only way to get backlinks for your site. Actually, keywords are the important words that online internet users put into the search fields to get desired results. You can select these keywords and make a true effort on these to become at the first place in search engines.  Keyword analysis is the first thing that webmasters do to make it sure that the words they choose are perfectly relevant to their business and it always gets the more traffic with less competition.

“No website can stand without a strong keyword research, and it’s a compulsory process to achieve top positions on the web”- Christopher A. Halsey

Prerequisites of Keyword Analysis

Before you going to start keyword research, there are some important factors that you must have to keep in mind to assure the accurate selection of keywords. These are the essential preliminary research factors procedures to must carried out. These steps will build a true foundation for you to get success in the future. Here are the important measures that you have to keep in mind before starting to work on your keyword strategy.

•    Use your common sense, to find out the data related to your site.

•    Expand your list keywords data to find out the best keywords.

•    Then filter the data to start your keyword research onwards.

Begins Your Research

After you have made a selection of your data, begins your research for the keywords. It’s vital for you to use certain online tools to only select the more beneficial keyword that can really drive more visitors for your site. Google keyword planner and UBER suggestions are the best free online tools to gets the perfect keyword oriented results. Keep these three important key elements in your mind to achieve proficiency in results.

•    Create a list of written terms relevant to your online business.

•    Expand the list by adding more new words.

•    Refine your list to be more concise in results.

Role of Business Niche & Demographics in Keyword Selection

When trying to get the perfect keywords for your business, first make a comprehensive analysis of your business nature and select the keywords accordingly. Keyword density also matters when you use certain keywords in your written content.  At this point in time, you also have to figure out the area, market or demographic that you will target online. After choosing it, make a comprehensive research about the keywords those get high searches with less competition in your relevant demographic. Initially do your research two or three times to only get choose the keywords which can deliver you the expected level of results within no time.  You can also generate keyword ideas related to your business products and services. It will help you to attract those online visitors who write your business related keywords to access the kind of service you provide online. This factor will surely help you to improve your domain age results.

Search For Generic Keywords

Yes, it’s not mandatory at the start of your business to only use specific keywords those are highly relevant to your business niche. You can select any generic keywords to the services or products your deliver online. It’s up to you how much you can figure out the keywords and what should be the level of their use in SEO. You can use the following strategies for generic keywords selection.

Keywords with Brand Terms: your customers are familiar with business terms you use to sell online. So, must include keywords with brand terms in your final list.

Substitute Product Name Keywords:  There is always a substitute for the service or product you sell online. Can use these substitute service name as a keyword.

Famous Complementary Terms:  Keyword-based on famous complementary terms can give a huge boost to your online business at the initial stages.

Competitor Terms: Your competitor has already their online presence. You can use the keywords that they use and are at the high search results.

Create an Excel Sheet of Your Work

Don’t perform random search regarding the keyword selection related to your business. Prepare excel sheet that and post the keywords there. Make sections in the file according to the nature, category, and type of your product.  This process will help you to easily make certain changes in the existing list, and also can add more new keywords to be more competitive in search engines. An excel sheet will help to save time without any kind of hassle. When you know that you have a perfect plan for your keywords selection, then you can perfectly use your all capabilities to get expected results.

The Google SERPS

Search engine ranking pages refer to the high ranked pages which gets more organic traffic than the conventional once. It’s mandatory for you to check out the most relevant SERPS results related to your business niche and use them as keywords in your SEO strategy. By getting relevancy with the SERPS results you can perfectly increase the organic search results towards your site. It’s because of the reason that most of the online searches use important SERPS to search their relevant product on the web. Do follow these essential rules to get SERPS favor.

•    Add/Claim your online business on Google Businesses.

•    Filled out your Google+ profile with the types of service/products you sold online.

•    Include an attractive image to your profile.

•    Create and publish content for local visitors.

•    Include SERP keywords into your content marketing plan


Keyword selection is always a tough job because the whole story of SEO builds on it. The whole process of keyword selection requires full commitment and dedication. The process also includes consistent brainstorming to select the perfect seo keywords. Must remain consistent with your keyword selection until you get your preferred results.