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How to choose right keywords for your website

Jan 28, 2016

When someone ask how to properly chose keywords for your website, the answers seems very simple and the task seems quite easy one. You feel as if you have to do noting but have to choose some topic and then will search for related long tail keywords in some keyword search tool and then you will have a good list. . . That’s it.

But in reality the story is not that much simple. The success of any website or blog depends upon the choice of keyword. If you failed to choose proper keyword then you can only dream about the success of that website or blog. Keyword research in not just a topic rather it’s a whole subject that you must study thoroughly to excel in blogging or SEO field. You might have observed some blogs which upload just limited content, don’t spend too much time and money in back linking and even then they get more hits than your blog though you storm content on to your blog, spend time, efforts and money in doing SEO. The only difference is not mere luck but it’s keyword research - the very first step - in which he won and took the whole game as well.

Keyword Research - A Matter of Success and Failure

The keyword research mostly involves the same steps as I mentioned in the very first paragraph but there a lots of factors which must be considered before making the list of keywords for your website, blogs or posts. Just few tricks can lead you to the best suitable list of keywords for your website and then you will get ranked and will get traffic as well.

Choose Topic or Niche

First of all you have to select the main topic. It can be area of your interest or the area of your research. Well you have to choose on which topic your blog will be. Once decided, don’t consider it final as your selection may have dead search on Google so you will have to choose a different one. To get a very quick rough idea, search the topic in Google search. If you get a good number of results that means it’s something worth working that’s why people have worked on it already.

Spot Your Competitors

When you will search in Google, you will get search results on thousands or hundreds of pages. Open top 5 results on first page. Sometimes Google shows some sponsored or paid links i.e. Ads on top of page so don’t open those rather open top five actual search results. These are your top 5 competitors to whom you have to beat. Observe their blogs or website and check what are the keywords they are targeting i.e. Long tail keywords. You can find keywords in their posts and post titles. For example if your chosen topic is Hairstyle and long tail keywords might be “Long Black Hairstyle”, “Hairstyles for Short Blonde Hair”, etc. Make a list of these keywords and while making this list, don’t deviate from your main topic or niche.

Create and Filter List of Keywords

When someone asks me how to properly chose keywords for your website so I will say this is the most important step. Create list related keywords carefully. You might have made a list of hundred more keywords. Now it’s time to filter out the useless or dead keywords. Use some keyword search tool like Google Ad Planner, or other tools available online for Keyword Research. Check each keyword in the tool to see the total search volume against each keyword. Delete every keyword which has less traffic and refine your list to get a list of final keywords which have enough search traffic.

Once you get the list, you have now the clear idea what’s you business and goal. But you must kept in mind that these top 5 competitors who are sitting at top positions in Google search are not very easy to beat. You can’t directly target the same keywords as they did. You will have to find out a different way to beat them. For this purpose take every keyword and brainstorm to make it a key phrase. For every keyword try to make 3 or 4 key phrases at least. More the better. While making phrases, think like customer. You should know how a customer searches on Google if he wants something that you are selling or telling. Don’t forget to check these key phrases in Keyword Research Tool. There you will get more ideas as well and it will also tell if there’s any search volume against the specific key phrase.

Now you have the whole business plan for your new website or blog i.e. a list of keywords and key phrases. Plan your content and posts now and start uploading content. Success will there waiting for you.