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How to Stay Safe From Google’s Penalties?

March 05, 2019

In case you have a website of your own, you will definitely want it to rank in the top page or at least top 10 positions. It doesn’t matter whether you are an advocacy firm, an e-commerce store or a tourism blogger, what you want is heavy traffic directed towards your website. Keep in mind that SEO is an important and powerful tool that includes techniques for ranking your business or organization’s website. But, one thing to consider is that Google is always changing and improvising its algorithm for greater and better results.


The search engine giant strides in providing authentic and most refined results to its audience. Now you must be aware that the purpose of search engine optimization in the current times is to enhance user experience. Even if you are not an SEO expert still you would know that Google's algorithm ranks websites on some specific points. These are:

Content optimization Page speed Responsive website Accessible URL and links Domain authority


All leading SEO service providers bank on these essential factors to get a place on the first page of Google. This is mainly referred to as 'white hat SEO'. However, there are some elements or webmasters who tend to go for shortcuts and use unethical SEO tactics for rising up the ranking ladder. This is known as 'black hat SEO'. So, to teach the bad guys a hard lesson, Google has decided to take strict action and started to penalize those sites that didn’t go in the right direction of SEO.

Consequences of not following Google’s described ways of ranking


Penalizing your site

Google's main aim is to provide its users with useful and best search results. So, those sites that try to play games and trick the search engine are imposed with penalties. Below are some ways on how Google penalizes websites.

Banned website

If you do too much against Google algorithms, you can get your site banned immediately. There can be a number of reasons for it like content duplication or any other content violation, distribution of malware, racism or any other act that goes against Google’s violations.

Imapct On Ranking


If you do a violation of Google’s algorithms moderately, your site's rankings will be lowered. As a result, your site will not appear on a position where it should be.

Lowering of traffic

If you go against Google's rules, you will notice a sudden drop in your website’s traffic. The reason is that your site will not appear on its rightful position and the user will never find it. Not everyone gets penalized by Google except those who abuse the system. It might happen that one morning you check your site's ranking and it’s nowhere to be found or no traffic is experienced by it. In this case, you need to be knowledgeable of the Google penalties and start doing ‘white hat SEO' for all your desired results.

How can you stay safe from Google's wrath?

Here are some guidelines explored by prepostseo.com that will make sure that your site isn’t affected by Google's penalties.

Don’t go for keyword stuffing

Keyword usage for attracting traffic and making a name in search results has been the base of SEO strategies for a number of years now. In case, you are patient enough and doing ‘white hat SEO’, results will be in your favor. You work out a keyword and devise a keyword density for the content. You also fix the keywords where they suit the best.  Avoid keyword stuffing to rank your site higher in search engine.


However, people with lesser knowledge or who want fast results use the keywords excessively without them making any sense. They will either repeat those words or will use them heavily to get ranked early. But, this is not going to happen. Sadly though! Google's algorithms are too advanced to check for these irregularities and will flag you if you don’t stop these ‘black hat SEO’ techniques.


A way via which people trick search engines into viewing a totally different version of their site. The content shown to users and search engines is totally different. The main reason for cloaking is that webmasters add links or keywords to rise in the search engine result pages. On the other hand, these mischievous tricks have nothing for the users or the audience.

Cloaking is a process which doesn’t happen accidentally or unintentionally. It is done deliberately to deceive the major search engines. And in case you get caught by Google's crawlers then you will have to face the chin music all by yourself.

Content duplication

In the virtual world, you are not allowed to steal someone else’s content. Plagiarism is considered a sin, a crime in the virtual world. Duplicating someone else's content and telegraphing Google that it belongs to you can land you in serious trouble. For writing unique and quality content, must choose an Article Rewriter. Don’t try to trick Google with this vague trick. It is beneficial for you to come up with such content that has the following qualities:

Unique Informative Engaging Well researched SEO friendly Fresh


Slow loading website/pages


If your website isn’t fast enough to compliment the users, people won’t like it. Actually, slow loading pages are against the user experience (UX) and don’t do any good to you. If it consistently goes like this, Google can remove it from its results.

Non-Responsive site

To be on the safe side, you need to invest in a website which is responsive and able to immaculately function on different devices and different screen sizes. A site which caters to all devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones is better able to attract traffic. Site responsiveness is a great SEO tool and helps the site in climbing the search engine rankings.

If your site isn’t responsive, you are missing out an easy opportunity to make it large. By not integrating this significant step in your web design and development strategy to aid the Search Engine Optimization, you are asking for trouble from Google.

Paid links

There is no denying that linking to other sites is a tried and testing method to gain rankings. However, some bad guys buy links and try to play with Google. For instance, you have linked your site to another one of the same niche. You think you’ve got some valuable content on your site that will be of value to visitors. This is alright.

But the problem is when you pay someone to give you a backlink and your site's link is placed in the footer or content of the other site with highly competitive keyword in it. Also, this is done even on sites that aren’t related to you. This goes against you and Google is experienced enough to figure out who the real culprit is. The result is penalizing of your site. Use guest posting as a backlinks maker strategy.  It will significantly improve your SEO growth on search engines. Although disavow files can get you out of trouble but it takes a lot of time and pain. Why risk it?

Too many ads

It’s alright to earn some money from your site because you have put in a lot of effort and time. Google isn’t against monetization but an excess of ads on a site isn’t good. If Google bots and readers find it hard to differentiate between your content and ads, then you are doing too much.

It goes against the user experience (UX) and readers find it hard to look for the content for which they have landed on your site. If you are giving a hard time to your visitors, Google will be hard on you.

Hidden content

Webmasters tend to hide the content from readers in such a way that it is accessible by bots. They think they can get away with it by hiding content using keywords in the backgrounds. These hidden links and content are considered spammy. If you are doing this tactic, Google won’t spare you.

Link spam or unnatural links


Any link that doesn’t add any value to the content or the site and is stuffed to manipulate rankings will be considered a violation of Google’s algorithms. Stay safe and don’t do it.

Closing remarks

SEO isn’t that dodgy as it is made by some bad guys who use black hat SEO techniques to manipulate results and gain faster results. To succeed in the field of SEO you need to stay put with the latest SEO tactics and practices. These latest trends and practices in accordance with Google webmaster will surely put you in a winning position and your business will be on track.

However, don’t opt for any shortcuts, never try to over smart Google and keep things simple. Success is waiting for you. For any questions and queries, get in touch with prepostseo.com today.