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HTTP Vs. HTTPS: which one best for website SEO

HTTP Vs. HTTPS: which one best for website SEO

August 21, 2016

What is HTTP? 

Initially, when the internet was growing very fast; the internet was being used for exchanging information’s.  So, they developed HTTP for the exchange of information’s between two users through server.  HTTP works on how information is presented to the users it does not think about the how information is being transferred from one point to another.  Http uses only “Application layer Protocol” which means it does not work to remember previous web session but it focuses on increased speed.  People mostly used HTTP for html pages but you can use other resources to access these pages.  In fact, HTTP is not the secure way to establish a connection because you are more likely to be hacked by the people who wants to know your activity on internet.  Well, this may not create any difficulty when you browsing any local and informative website but it can be harmful when you are doing financial transactions, online shopping and sending secure files across the internet through HTTP server. At we will help you to understand the level of security your website required. 

What is HTTPS and how is it important for SEO TOOLS?

The abbreviation of HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.  It is the modification or may be new form of HTTP with SSL protocol; more advanced form of HTTP but it has many new and interesting features.  Now, you can use internet as the safe platform for online shopping and for online money transfer.  HTTPS is a server that encoded a message between sender and recipient in a code that no one can understand.  It is basically using a SSL/TLS protocol with encryption method.  It works on SSL encryption method by using SSL Digital Certification for transferring information between sender and recipient. 

SEO Benefits to switch to HTTPS

HTTPS not only provide security through networking protocol but also works to give benefits to SEO developers. 

HTTPS never let your referrer data stripped away.  It works to safe your data whether you are using HTTPS or HTTP. 

As all we know, Google has confirmed the slight ranking rise of HTTPS sites.  With the passage of time you will understand the importance of switching to HTTPS. 

It is clear to anybody, HTTPS is meant to provide security and privacy.  It keeps you safe from the third parties to tamper with your site.  It keeps you site secure from multiple users across the world. 

It follows the encryption method to save the passwords, secret hints and credit card information.