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Images are the New Keywords

Sep 03, 2018

How many times have you tried searching for some piece of information on any search engine and ended up getting irrelevant results? How frustrating does it get sometimes when you keep trying keywords that you think are relevant to your query but keep getting search results that you just don’t want? 

Searching with Images:

Well, today we are looking at a search option that works when you can’t seem to find a suitable keyword or when your search keywords are not giving you desired results. With Reverse Image Search, you search for what you want not by any words but by using a picture. Your image serves the purpose of a search keyword.


The image you provide becomes the search query and it saves you the hassle of trying different keywords again and again and getting results that are not relevant. With this photo lookup tool, you just don’t narrow down your requirements but this tool also helps you find specific information for the specific image that you provided.

There are numerous benefits and uses of reverse picture search. Most prominent and the most significant uses have been listed down for you.

Derive specific information about the image that you have provided as a search query. Locate different websites where the image is available and at times, the actual source of an image. It helps you find a higher resolution version of the image that you are using in place of a keyword. This image search tool also helps you locate the creator of the image.

This tool is an innovative approach whose benefits are not very simple to explain. It does help you look for the source of an image or even find better resolution images, however, it can help you hunt down recipes, product names, apartments and so much more.

At times, you commend you come across some product that is not labeled and it has your heart. Reverse Image Search lets you loom for that product just by using the image that you have.

You may suppose that you are just on a house hunt and you see an image of an apartment that you really like but you have no idea where is it located. This tool can work as magic for you in such a case!

Have you ever experienced coming across a dish that has your stomach churning of desire? Have you ever fallen in love with food at first sight? Well, this is the right tool for you. just by using the image of the dish that you are drooling over, you can find the recipe and make yourself the food you are craving so badly for.

Not just food, this tool can also assist you finding details about some celebrity that you want to know more about but are not aware of any particulars.

Reverse image search offers so much more than what we can quote. As mentioned earlier, it is a tool whose benefits and uses can be hard to explain!

Photo Lookup Tool Making Searching Easier:

Numerous search engines and websites provide the option of using the image as a search query. Search engines and some websites that have the capability of using this too have been listed below:

Google Images:

Search by image option in Google lets the user search by uploading an image. Google in return, looks up for all relevant links it can find related to the uploaded image. The user may either upload an image or an image URL. Google analyses the submitted picture by using a series of algorithms with which it constructs a mathematical model of the image. What Google does after this is, it compares the image with the billions of options that are available on the internet and returns with the most relevant search results.


The famous online store eBay also has the feature enabled that lets the users search for a particular product through an image. All the user has to do is upload an image of what they are looking for and eBay would search its database and come back with the products that match the image provided by the user.


Pixsy is another image database that offers the feature of image lookup. When the user uploads the image he is looking for in the search option, the website looks through all the images it has in its database and provides the user with the closest and the most appropriate search results.


TinEyes pecialses in Reverse Photo Search. What happens is, when a user provides an image that he wants TinEye to search, a unique fingerprint is created for that image. The website than matches this fingerprint with all the indexed images that it has in its database and returns with what the user is looking for. This feature also provides the user with the edited versions of the source image.


Have you ever come across someone who is not aware of Pinterest? Pinterest is known for its collection of images from all around the world. it offers pictures for any category one may look for. This website also offers the tool of photo search. With this tool, the user has to upload a picture that he wants or any image which the user may be looking for.  Pinterest crawls through its entire collection and gives the users the most accurate and relevant results.

SK Planet:

It is an e-commerce fashion hub that offers users a wide variety of fashion related items. The image finder tool of SK Planet lets you search for your favorite and most desired items in the quickest and the easiest way. All you have to do is upload what you are looking for and image lookup feature will find the item for you!

So, be it anything that you are looking for; if you happen to have a picture with you, finding it and tracking it down is not so tough anymore!