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Impact of plagiarism on Seo

Jun 23, 2018

This is a plain and a simple fact that plagiarism is wrong. One cannot ever and ever find out a way to justify this fact. Even today, a large number of website builders, they copy content front other websites over and over again. By doing so, they are making their own lives more stressful. If you are one of the website builders and you had copied a content from someone else website then you can now simply assume this fact that you have done one of the harmful acts with yourself.

Plagiarised Content Adds No Value In Your Website

One can pay their thanks to Plagiarism checker tools! With their introduction, the effectiveness of initially published unique content is retained. He who copies the content, that means he is giving harm to his piece of written content.

Copying or plagiarising, it is a worse technique. Stealing someone else content is like intellectual property infringement. Plagiarised content eventually make your website to lose visitors because they fail to see any fresh and authentic as well as original content on your website.

All in the eyes of Google, if you are copying a content that means you are guilty. This duplicate content issue and common plagiarism problems are often seen in low cost websites.

Copying a content, that means you are putting yourself in a self-defeating situation. Any minor copied content straightaway violates and breaks SEO good practices.

It is absolutely wrong to claim for a content which is not yours

These days, individuals are heavily using anti-plagiarism software tools. With these tools, no one claims for a content which is not written by them. It is absolutely wrong to declare and own a content which is not created and written by you.

It does not matter even if you are going to give a credit to the original writer. By copying their entire and large chunks of work, you are still violating their copyright law.

Always understand that plagiarism is illegal and an unethical activity. It is bad for your business. The presence of duplicate content on your website will make your website listing to get disappear from ranking view.

Your audience will eventually figure out that you are copy pasting

For how long you are going to copy paste the content of someone else website! You cannot stick around with this trick for a long time.

Your audience will eventually come to know that you are copy pasting someone else content. Your website audience will figure out that you have nothing creative and original in your content.

The best course and way is to receive professional guidance and complete insight in creating a unique and authentic content for your website. You should invest in effective and professional SEO techniques so that your website can get high visibility.

It needs the effort to avoid plagiarism

Though it takes a little amount of effort to avoid plagiarism. You have to spend a maximum time on your site so that quality content can be created. Spend time and money in this case.

You can outsource competent writers who are well familiar with the concept of unique content writing. We often face biggest struggles when it comes to creating an original content but efforts can heal this issue.

If your website becomes guilty of plagiarism in the Googles view then you have to get ready for the consequences. And these consequences can be severe as well. Publishing an unoriginal content, that means you are following ineffective SEO practices. Copied content will give you crummy and poor page ranking and poor online visibility.

Content Shortcuts Are Sabotaging and Destroying Your Own SEO

It has been seen over in the past few years that content has exploded much on the web. But one can pay their humble thanks to plagiarism software tools. With these tools usage, you can identify the plagiarized percentage of your content. Beware that if you are taking liberties with other websites, then you are sinking your own SEO.

Degrees of Plagiarism commonly Opted

1. Patchwriting: This is a rewriting technique in which you rewrite the content from another site. This is one of the laziest ways to write about something without making use of a spinning software. It is a common practice which is opted by anonymous writers.

How is Patchwriting damaging your SEO?

When your writers are going to rehash and rewrite someone else posts, then make sure that no value will be added in your content and website.

2. Cut-and-paste policy:  This is the next one lazy way which revolves around cutting and pasting small of the sections from a bunch of sites so that a semi-cohesive piece of writing can be formed.

How is Cut-and-paste policy disrupting your SEO?

This cut and paste policy are usually penalized by the search engines. This practice is little seen today.

Plagiarism is a two-way street

We often think that why each one of us should not plagiarize, but we need to understand that this is a two-way street. By copying a content, you are putting a negative impact on your SEO efforts by facing a plagiarism penalty. And your site ranking will go down as well.

How to Monitor Your Content?

Check plagiarism of every single line written on your website, this is how you can remain on the safe boat. It is not that much difficult to avoid unwittingly kind of plagiarizing. You can monitor your own content by following these techniques, this is the short checklist for making an original content:

Make an outline of the clear set of guidelines for your new as well as experienced writers.

Fact-check all sources.

Do make sure that every of writing should bring something new to your site.

Never hire and avail the services of cheap writers.

Hence Search Engine Optimization has grown symbiotically. For any SEO firm, it is important for them to hire or outsource writers based on their experience so that creating unique content may not be a problem for them. It is integral for them to make sure that the content they are producing is original. These plagiarized SEO articles can undermine company's efforts and SEO firm professional integrity as well. The right use of plagiarism detector tools can let all original content creators remain in the safe zone.